Tiny Asks Followers To Donate To GoFundMe For Bodyguard Sentenced To One Year In Dubai Jail For Reportedly Protecting Trey Songz

Tiny Harris, Trey Songz

Tiny Asks Followers To Donate To GoFundMe For Bodyguard Sentenced To One Year In Dubai Jail For Reportedly Protecting Trey Songz

Tameka “Tiny” Harris is advocating to get a celebrity bodyguard out of Dubai after he allegedly stepped in to protect Trey Songz from a crazed fan.

According to reports, Cornell Whitfield, 40, was sentenced to a year in a Dubai jail after he put himself in front of Trey Songz to stop a man attempting to confront the R&B singer as they left their five-star hotel to go to a club.

Trey Songz

According to reports, the man was an “aggressive” hotel guest who approached Trey Songz and his group shouting, swearing, and waving his arms. As part of the singer’s security detail, the Miami bodyguard said that he tapped the man’s face in order to de-escalate the situation, which was caught on hotel cameras.

Cornell Whitfield

Cornell Whitfield — who is also rap star Lil Kim’s personal bodyguard and has worked with other big-named celebrities — didn’t think much about the incident and flew back to the US. While the dispute took place in March, it wasn’t until Cornell Whitfield returned to Dubai in August that he was arrested.

Lil Kim

Whitfield was booked on an assault charge after the man he allegedly tapped filed a criminal complaint against him. He reportedly has to pay the man $60,000 to have the charges thrown out. However, because Whitfield was unable to raise the cash payment, he was sentenced to a year in jail. Although he is currently out on bail, he isn’t allowed to leave the United Arab Emirates. His lawyer has filed an appeal.

Whitfield spoke on the matter and said,

“I was only doing my job. The man appeared very erratic as if he was drunk or on drugs. I just tapped his face to jolt him out of what he was doing, and it had the right effect. He backed off, and that was the end of the matter.”

He added,

“I just want to go home to my family. The whole thing has been a nightmare. I know Lil Kim is very upset at what has happened.”

Meanwhile, singer/songwriter Tiny is now using her influence to help raise the $60k needed to get the father-of-two back home to his family in Miami, Florida. She also shared the GoFundMe link via her IG stories.

Tiny Harris

In a now-deleted post, Tiny wrote to her 7.1 million Instagram followers,

“We are asking for your help … $60k is what we are trying to raise to bring Champ back to the states. This situation is unfortunate and he does not deserve to be treated any kind of way for doing his job. He is a family man and loving father who deserves to be with his loved ones. To donate the link is posted on my stories. If everybody do a lil nobody has to do a lot!!! Thank you !!!!!! bring champ home”

At this time, it’s unclear if Trey Songz has said anything about the incident.


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Authored by: Ariel Whitely