Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Explains Why She Unfollowed Friends Brittany & Patrick Mahomes: ‘I Have To Move Forward & Everyone Has To Respect That’

Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Explains Why She Unfollowed Friends Brittany & Patrick Mahomes: ‘I Have To Move Forward & Everyone Has To Respect That’

??Kayla Nicole is prioritizing her mental health, even when it comes to her social media following.

The fitness influencer was recently thrust into the spotlight thanks to her ex’s new relationship with famed singer Taylor Swift. As previously reported, the 31-year-old shared an open letter dedicated to Black women on her Instagram page earlier this month. In the now-viral post, she seemingly spoke for the first time about the overwhelming amount of hate she received online once news broke that Travis Kelce, 34, was now dating Taylor Swift, 33.


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Before moving on to the “Cruel Summer” singer, Travis Kelce dated Kayla Nicole (on and off) for about five years. As expected, during their relationship, ??Kayla Nicole became close with many people associated with her ex’s team – the Kansas City Chiefs – including quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany. However, according to reports, she didn’t unfollow the couple initially when things ended with Travis Kelce but instead, after he started dating Taylor Swift.

Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes

In a recent interview, the model explained why she clicked the unfollow button and said,

“I do think it’s important to publicly address this because I did publicly unfollow people. The reality is I know these people in real life. And so, in real life, I’ve communicated to these people why I’ve had to publicly make the decisions that I made.”

Kayla and Brittany Mahomes were once really good friends and the Savage X Fenty ambassador even helped Brittany select her wedding dress. However, in her video shared to Instagram encouraging Black women, Kayla seemingly hinted that people she was once close to didn’t defend her as trolls flooded her media accounts with hate comments. She previously said,

“Dear Black girl, They may call you a traitor for falling in love. You’ll hope the ones closest will protect you, but you will quickly find out that people don’t protect what they don’t value.”

Kayla Nicole, Brittany Mahomes

While it’s unclear if she was speaking about Brittany, rumors have surfaced that Kayla officially cut things off with her former bestie because she became close with Taylor. However, during her latest interview, Kayla also touched on the timeline of everything, explaining why she waited a while to adjust her following list. She expressed,

“To everyone it’s like, ‘Oh, you broke up a year ago,’ and that meant it’s like a light switch, you turn it on and off and everything goes dead and black and you don’t ever speak to anyone ever again. That’s not reality. I have ongoing relationships with all parties involved.”

And continued,

“That’s a lot of history and friendship there, that doesn’t change overnight. But publicly, because things are happening so quickly and so publicly, I have to protect myself. That’s really all that is. The love is still there.”

Kayla Nicole

Kayla made it clear that she still loves her “KC people” and “KC community so much.”

She added,

“But for me in my life, I have to move forward and everyone has to respect that. And hopefully when they respect that, that means that they’re no longer inserting me into things that do not involve me.”

At the time of this report, Brittany Mahomes appears to still be following Kayla Nicole.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel