50 Cent Is Boycotting The Cosmopolitan Over Meek Mill’s Claims The Hotel Is Racist

Meek Mill, 50 Cent

50 Cent Is Boycotting The Cosmopolitan Over Meek Mill’s Claims The Hotel Is Racist

50 Cent is standing with Meek Mill! He spoke out on news that Meek  is suing the Cosmo hotel in Las Vegas after Meek was denied entry over the weekend. Meek  was planning to support DJ Mustard who was playing at the Marquee Nightclub, which is inside the hotel. But he got a surprise when security not only refused to let him in, but said if he entered a venue he would be arrested for trespassing. Meek has since launched a lawsuit against Cosmo, and 50 Cent is Team Meek on this one. He wrote,

“D*mn boy they wouldn’t let Meek in HA Ha ha i know he was tight. LOL THEY FOUL for that, I won’t stay at the Cosmo till this is resolved.”


Meek’s lawsuit came shortly after he revealed the incident and blasted the hotel for discriminating against him and other Black celebrities. He wrote,

“If you come from our culture you should never step foot in the cosmopolitan hotel they just really racist as hell …. something really has to be done in Las Vegas what they doing to black people!

They telling black rappers they are banned from properties they own without incident … they just told me I was trespassing and I will be arrested I stepped in that hotel once at a jayz party without incident!”

He even added a video of what went down as he put out a request for lawyers to help him take legal action.

50 Cent isn’t the only entertainer speaking out. Yo Gotti also called out the hotel for its actions.

He said in a statement,

“It’s a disgrace that these establishments continue to judge us by the color of our skin and our professions instead of recognizing our artistry and dedication to our communities.”

“I stand with Meek Mill and all my peers in the hip-hop community that have been disrespected by places like the Cosmopolitan.”

The hotel has said it refused Meek entry because it was at capacity. It added in a statement,

“The recent situation regarding Meek Mill related to a matter of security, not race, and any reports citing otherwise are false. We pride ourselves on providing an inclusive environment, with zero tolerance for discrimination. Under different circumstances, Meek Mill would be welcomed to the resort, but not at the compromise of his personal safety and the safety of our guests.”

It’s safe to say he’s not buying it.

What do you think about 50 Cent backing Meek?

Authored by: Char Patterson