Dwight Howard Responds To Radio Host Asking “Are You Gay” Live On Air: ‘What I Do In My Personal Life Is Nobody’s Business’

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard Responds To Radio Host Asking “Are You Gay” Live On Air: ‘What I Do In My Personal Life Is Nobody’s Business’

Famed basketball star Dwight Howard was seemingly forced to address questions about his sexuality.

The 37-year-old appeared on a radio show a few months back where the host flat out asked him if he identifies as gay.

Immediately after being introduced on the WkndWork radio show, host Coach PR began speaking to the “things” Dwight Howard has been going viral over in recent times. With no hesitation, the media personality questioned the hooper’s sexual preferences, claiming it’s something “the people want to know”, stating:

“I just gotta ask for the people. Me personally, I don’t give a f**k…but they say this is the safest time. Are you gay bro?”

To which Howard, after asking why the two are discussing his private life in the first place, responded:

“What I do in my personal life is nobody’s business…and if you inquiring, why?”

The conversation was short lived with PR thanking Howard for sharing his thoughts. He also maintained that while he doesn’t care about the athlete’s sex life either way, his audience would criticize him for failing to ask what many want to know. Questions surrounding Howard’s sexuality have followed him for years. Speculations seemingly gained steam after the basketball player was accused of being sexually involved with trans women back in 2018.

Earlier this year, it was revealed Howard was named in a sexual assault lawsuit reportedly filed by a male model who claims he was abused by the athlete. As we recently covered, Howard’s lawyer eventually confirmed the two did have relations, but adamantly denied the claims of abuse. According to the legal professional, the man – named Stephen Harper, was offended when Howard allegedly stopped speaking to him and used their sex encounter to extort him for money. Reportedly, the NBA champion is seeking to have the case dismissed,  though it is still ongoing at this time.

Howard has been mostly quiet about the case. However, he did take to social media with a few reactions as news of the lawsuit made headlines. In one post, over a video of him making hilariously unserious and confused faces, he wrote:

“Me reading the hate & slander in the comments”

In another, he violently tapped his keyboard keys and role played an angry version of himself with the caption:

“How they want me to respond to haters online”

Overall, it seems the sports personality is steering clear of allowing public opinion to stress him out. Many did have things to say about PR questioning him in the first place. Some commenters agreed that the host was doing his professional duty in posing the question. Others, however, took the opposite stance, arguing it was wrong to put Howard on the spot.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson