Update: Deion Sanders’ Football Players Were Reportedly Robbed Of Gold Chains & Other Valuables By UCLA Recruits

Deion Sanders

Update: Deion Sanders’ Football Players Were Reportedly Robbed Of Gold Chains & Other Valuables By UCLA Recruits

Update#2: (Nov. 14, 2023): Answers are finally starting to surface surrounding the robbery Deion Sanders’ players experienced last month.

As previously reported, following their game against the UCLA Bruins in October, Colorado football players returned to the guest locker room and quickly discovered some of their belongings were missing. Reports claim that the college athletes “had gold and diamond chains worth thousands of dollars stolen” in addition to other valuable items.

After the unfortunate incident, head coach Deion Sanders revealed in a press conference that someone from his staff had a “significant amount of cash” taken as well. The former NFLer called for the NCAA to “do something” about what occurred.

Many pointed the finger at UCLA players, but, an investigation ultimately revealed that the robbery was orchestrated by high schoolers. According to new reports, Pasadena police confirmed the items were stolen by teens visiting UCLA for their official visit. The names of the recruits have not been revealed. However, it’s speculated they were all UCLA Bruins hopefuls from Beaumont High School in Riverside County.

At this point, it’s still unclear how the recruits gained access to the guest locker room. An investigation is still underway.


Update #1: (Oct. 31, 2023): Deion Sanders is standing ten toes down behind his players.

The retired NFLer-turned-Colorado football coach recently addressed reports that his players had thousands in jewelry and other valuables stolen from the visitors’ locker room. The incident occurred at the Rose Bowl stadium amid their game against UCLA over the weekend. During his weekly news conference in Boulder, Deion said,

“I think that’s a travesty and I would expect the NCAA to do something about that. These are college kids. I’m pretty sure they don’t think about insurance at this point, at this juncture in their life. We’ve talked about NIL and how to really maintain their finances, we’ve pretty much given them financial planners and given them the resources for that. But the insurance part of it, we slipped. And we didn’t really educate them on that.”

He continued,

“All that stuff should be replaced. This is the Rose Bowl. It’s at the grandaddy off them all, right? I’m sure grandaddy has some money. Grandpa should have some money to give these kids. I’m gonna have a list made out for these kids, and I know they’re gonna be truthful about what they lost so we can try to get that back for them. They may not be able to get the items back but we should be able to reimburse.”

Initial reports said about five players had their personal belongings stolen, however, according to Deion, the football players weren’t the only ones who were violated by the robber(s). The Hall of Famer said that someone from his staff had a “significant amount of cash” missing as well.

Moving forward, Deion expressed that his program will no longer depend on “someone else’s security” to guard their items while they take the field.

Original Story: (Oct. 30, 2023): Deion Sanders’ players were the victims of a robbery over the weekend.

On Saturday (Oct. 28) the Colorado Buffaloes suited up against the UCLA Bruins and were ultimately defeated 16 to 28. Upon returning to the locker room at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California, some of Deion Sanders’ players quickly discovered that their personal belongings were missing. According to reports, at least five Colorado players had their jewelry and other valuables stolen out of the visitors’ locker room. A report from the Denver Post noted that three players “had gold and diamond chains worth thousands of dollars stolen.”

UCLA police are investigating the matter. At this time, it’s unclear when exactly the robber(s) entered the facility or how they knew which players to target. However, footage after the incident shows Colorado players claiming that the robbery took place while they were on the field. Defensive back Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig said in the video,

“You can’t go play football and know your sh*t safe, dog. It’s messed up, bruh.”

Someone else can be heard saying,

“I just got my sh*t yesterday.”

Later in the video, he added,

“I just got mine, bruh. I had the jewelry box and everything. They took it out my jewelry box.”

In a post shared to X, Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig also expressed,


It seems that Deion Sanders has yet to address what happened.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel