Gary Owen’s Ex-Wife Kenya Duke Blasts Him For Discussing How He Hasn’t Spoken To His Children In Over 3 Years Without Explaining Why: ‘You Have Done Some Foul Things’

Gary Owen, Kenya Duke

Gary Owen’s Ex-Wife Kenya Duke Blasts Him For Discussing How He Hasn’t Spoken To His Children In Over 3 Years Without Explaining Why: ‘You Have Done Some Foul Things’

Looks like Gary Owen’s ex-wife was not here for his recent commentary about their children.

After the comedian posted a video revealing that it has now been 3 years since he spoke to his estranged kids, their mother, Kenya Duke, responded accusing the entertainer of seeking sympathy from the internet.

Kenya Duke

In a post uploaded to Instagram, Kenya Duke wrote:

“All kids want their parents to be happy. When you come to the internet and tell only half the story for sympathy…So what did you do??? How did y’all get here? If you wanted healing, you would have reached out to a family therapist, call, text, or sent this video directly to them.”

As a caption, she added:

“You don’t seem to have any empathy for their feelings. You have done some foul things, but I still greet you with a smile. In conversation, I try to keep us focus and on track, so we don’t resort to blame and finger pointing.”

And continued:

“I remind them of your birthday and Father’s Day. I encourage them to give you a 2nd chance. I share info with you about them because I would hope that, if the tables were turned you’d do the same. And then you come to the internet with a video of the result but not the reason. I just don’t understand, how this helped anything. At this point, I don’t know what to believe or how to deal with you.”

Gary Owen, Kenya Duke, & Children

Duke’s comments addressing her former husband came after the actor posted a video sharing his discontent about not speaking nor seeing his children Austin, 23, and Kennedy, 21, in so long. During one of his recent podcast episodes, Owen opened up about his feelings regarding the situation, claiming he’s attempted to have communication with them to no avail. He stated:

“As a lot of people know I haven’t seen my kids in almost 3 years, or spoken to them, since the divorce…I understand they’re just, I guess healing…I try to reach out, I try to see them, but it just hasn’t worked out yet,” 

Owen then shared that he intends to go to his daughter’s upcoming graduation at North Carolina A&T “by himself” to avoid making her day awkward. He added that he doesn’t feel that would be the best time for them to try and reconcile, which he said he’s hopeful will happen someday.

Kennedy Owen

As far as his son Austin goes, the comedian said that while on a trip to San Jose, he located the facility where he works as a kids’ swim instructor in an attempt to see him. After initially coming in on Austin’s day off, Owen said he returned when he knew his son would be there just to “be in his presence.” Upon his arrival, one of his son’s colleagues asked if he should let Austin know his dad was there, to which Owen said he refused, explaining:

“I didn’t want to invade on his space…so I went in and I watched him,”

Gary & Austin Owen (2021)

He continued:

“The thing is he’s not on social media so I haven’t…seen how he’s changed in 3 years…so this is the first time I’ve seen him…I blended in with the other parents…I just got to sit back I got to watch him and I took some pictures, for my own use, just cause I hadn’t seen him in forever. It was just cool to see him in that environment…he was just in his element with the kids.” 

Owen went on to gush about how much Austin has grown — now apparently rocking a full beard and goatee — and expressed his gratitude that he was able to be close to him. He also shared his hope that they can talk soon as well.

As Duke mentioned, the movie star opted not to share what led to their strained relationship, only that they haven’t spoken since their parents divorced. As we previously covered, Duke filed for divorce from Owen back in 2021 following 18 years of marriage, accusing the entertainer of infidelity.

Subsequent to the separation, the mom of 3 claimed her ex had cut off communication with her and said that she had to repeatedly reach out to him for help financially while taking care of their family. Duke would later slam Owen, labeling him a “lying narcissist” for allegedly claiming she was “squatting” in the home where he pays the mortgage.

It’s unclear if the situation had anything to do with his kids cutting ties with him. Neither Austin nor Kennedy has spoken publicly about their parents’ divorce or their relationship with their dad at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson