Tamar Braxton Says Background Singer James Wright Chanel Was Assaulted By Chrisean: I knew that she was rowdy, I didn’t judge her because of that.

Chrisean Rock, James Wright Chanel, Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton Says Background  Singer James Wright Chanel Was Assaulted By Chrisean: I knew that she was rowdy, I didn’t judge her because of that. 

Tamar Braxton admits that Chrisean Rock was indeed violent at her show. 

Tamar Braxton is no longer remaining tight-lipped about Chrisean Rock’s assault against her friend and background singer, James Wright Chanel. It was reported late Friday night (November 10) that the Zeus Network star repeatedly punched Tamar Braxton’s team member after a verbal altercation regarding her not being able to perform on the main stage. Tamar seemingly makes it clear that she cares about her team and only stayed silent out of respect for the victim and his privacy. The WeTV star stated, 

“I care about my team; they’re all of my friends. We put this all together for the fans.”

Braxton went on to say about Chrisean

“I knew that she was rowdy, I didn’t judge her because of that”

The two appear to have some commonalities so it didn’t seem unusual for Tamar to want to be a prominent sister figure to Chrisean, which, according to the “Love and War” performer, was the only reason for the invite to her show.

There have been different accounts regarding the events that led to the attack. However, according to Tamar’s friend and tour coordinator Letroy, Chrisean was the aggressor, stating,  

“She’s trash; she should’ve never been at my show.”

He went on to share his feelings about the incident and declared his plans to file charges against Chrisean for her actions at his show, he added, 

“she is going to prison,”

Shortly after news of the backstage brawl was made public, Chrisean went live to tell her side of the story. The “Crazy In Love” star did not deny the allegations against her or seem remorseful. She stated that she believed the ordeal was a “clout chasing” thing and clarified that her team was not with her during the blow-up.

The alleged victim, TV Personality James Wright Chanel, has yet to make a formal statement giving his recollection of events but has posted a series of cryptic messages that appear to be in response to the concert mayhem. One in particular simply displayed two words, “God Is.” That could be an indication that he is remaining positive while trying heal and process all that happened. 

Rock has deactivated her social media accounts and has not made any further statements.

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