DaBaby Says He Lost $200 Million Due To Rolling Loud Homophobic Remarks, But It Forced Him To Sit Down & Self Reflect



DaBaby Says He Lost $200 Million Due To Rolling Loud Homophobic Remarks, But It Forced Him To Sit Down & Self Reflect

DaBaby’s negative experience may have been a blessing in disguise. 

Rapper DaBabyborn Jonathan Kirk, got candid with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay regarding his life after the Rolling Loud incident in 2021. Dababy alluded that at one point he felt robbed of 200 million dollars during the whole ordeal. You may recall that during Dababy’s performance at the famous festival, he not only invited Tory Lanez to perform with him during a portion of his set, but he also made some homophobic slurs at concertgoers.

DaBaby, Tory Lanez

At that time, Canadian rapper Tory Lanez had been accused of shooting hip-hop artist Meg the Stallionand scrutiny around Tory’s involvement made him public enemy number one. Dababy having Lanez as a guest did not sit well with fans. However, it was Dababy’s onstage rant that nearly ruined his career. During the show he erupted, 

“If you didn’t show up today with HIV/AIDS or other STDs that’ll make you die in 2-3 weeks,” and “Fellas if you didn’t suck a n**** d*** in the parking lot.”

After the viral incident, Dababy did not immediately express regret for his statements after being called out. Reportedly, the Cleveland performer doubled down by referring to himself as the “best live performer” and urging those who missed the show to attend the next one. It didn’t take long for Dababy to feel the sting of his actions because once news of his remarks went viral, those on the Dababy train quickly hopped off. According to the lyricist, partnerships, brand deals, and endorsements all started to crumble, causing the rapper to lose as much as 200 million dollars. 

Two years after the infamous Rolling Loud issue, DaBaby appears to have had a true change of heart in regard to his past actions. When Shannon Sharpe asked the “Ghetto Girls” artist about a moment he would change and if he would “change those two minutes on that stage,” he told Sharpe, 

“In hindsight, that parked me and kept me from taking off running and utilizing my hustle to distract myself and keep my mind and my spirit and my body occupied.”

He went on to say,

“Who’s to say where I would be mentally and spiritually had I not been forced to sit my *ss down and self-reflect.”

He also confessed, 

“Because I still didn’t sit down when the incident took place. I’m fighting like, ‘h*ll no, that ain’t what it is. I’m telling y’all that ain’t what it is.’ God knows I’m a good fighter, but he was like, ‘yeah, you a good fighter…but sit yo *ss down.”

During his interview with Sharpe, Dababy appeared to have evolved positively over the last two years. He continues to make music and perform live shows, and with the help of mentor 50 Cent, he seems to be on a path to even greater success. As we previously reportedDababy is ready to make his acting debut with the help of executive producer 50 Cent, so we may be seeing him on our television screen soon. 
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