T.D. Jakes Trends On Social Media As Unconfirmed TikTok Reports Rumors About Mega Preacher & Diddy’s Parties + Cassie Allegedly Provides New Evidence To Feds (Report)

T.D. Jakes Trends On Social Media As Unconfirmed TikTok Reports Rumors About Mega Preacher & Diddy’s Parties + Cassie Allegedly Provides New Evidence To Feds  (Report)

It looks like Diddy may not be the only one in the headlines.

According to an unconfirmed viral TikTok report, Bishop T.D. Jakes is at the pulpit of a slew of heinous acts in a (possibly) incriminating email that has broken the internet.


If you didn’t know, TikTok recently erupted with chaos when a user named JusNene brought attention to a new rumor surfacing amid songstress Cassie’s explosive lawsuit against her former partner, music mogul Diddy.

As previously reported, last month, Cassie sued Diddy for alleged sex trafficking and abuse, among other things, throughout their over-a-decade-long relationship. Although they’ve since settled “amicably,” more groundbreaking information continues to hit the headlines.

The latest claim (seemingly) originated from popular blogger TUFF NEWS TV on YouTube. In a nearly 40-minute video, the commentator said that he received an alleged tip from an unknown individual who cited that Cassie had turned in Diddy’s ex/children’s mother, Kim Porter’s, burner phone to the police.

Allegedly, along with the device and a USB, Cassie provided exclusive video/audio recordings of Diddy’s (supposed) “sex parties,” where he has hosted several “powerful” people in the industry over the years. The evidence was said to have been given to aid in her case against the Bad Boy Records founder.

The insider’s recent email to TUFF NEWS TV read:

“Cassie has turned over substantial amounts of evidence to the Feds! I’m told that after Cassie had a long conversation with (CONFIDENTIAL) and her lawyers, She finally was convinced to give up the video tapes and audio recordings that contain footage of sex parties and other private gatherings that featured some pretty powerful and prominent people… and get this, She even gave up a burner phone and USB’s that belonged to Kim Porter with incriminating evidence against Diddy.” 


They continued later in the message, mentioning 66-year-old Bishop T.D. Jakes’ (alleged) connection to Diddy’s “sinister” operations,

“I’m also told that multiple male escorts corroborated the fact that T.D. Jakes [has] slept with multiple men at Diddy’s parties and abroad, and they refer to him as being a power bottom. It’s also been said that a young male has acquired a lawyer to represent him as he is set to sue Jakes for an incident that took place when he was just 16 years old.”

According to the email, the victim stated that he was (allegedly) forced to perform fellatio on Bishop T.D. Jakes but the incident never saw the light of day because his parents were granted hush money. The family of the unnamed male (eventually) left Jakes’ megachurch, The Potter’s House, in 2015.

T.D. Jakes, Diddy

If you’ve been following Jakes and Diddy for a while, then you know that the two men have been linked for quite some time now.

As of now, everything is hearsay, but Diddy’s empire is certainly under attack… from all directions.

Model Kim Porter died in November 2018 from lobar pneumonia. She and Diddy had an on-and-off romance during the late ’90s and mid-2000s. Together, they share three biological children: a son, Christian, and a set of twins, Jessie and D’Lila. Diddy also acted as a father figure to Kim Porter’s eldest son, Quincy, with singer Al B Sure!

Following her sudden death, many have speculated that her passing was an attempt to cover up the dark side of Diddy’s unruly practices behind the scenes that were said to have been documented in Porter’s memoir that she was working on at the time of her demise.

Diddy, Kim Porter

Singer Jaguar Wright has even been vocal about her sentiments in interviews in the past, alluding that she felt that Diddy may have had something to do with the tragedy.

Not too long ago, she also revealed in an interview with news personality Storm Monroe that Cassie and Porter (allegedly) had a “sit-down” before she died, which could account for Cassie (allegedly) having Porter’s phone in her possession.

Additionally, TUFF NEWS TV told that Porter (allegedly) knew of Diddy’s good friend, Jakes’, unconfirmed indiscretions.

Deeming Jakes a “Freemason” and not a man of God, another email read:

“Diddy and Jakes mask the real nature of their relationship by both of them saying that their friendship was founded on the basis of T.D. being a mentor to Diddy. According to (CONFIDENTIAL), Kim Porter said that T.D. was accused of sexual assaulting a young man back in 1983, which was a year or so after he got married to his wife. I’m told that the church was small and undeveloped, and that could be how the incident was covered up at the time. It’s been said that a man threatening to come forward to expose Jakes in 1999 had abruptly completely fell off of the face of the earth. Pastor (CONFIDENTIAL) says the guy was paid to keep quiet, and two years later the man was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

In the email’s conclusion, the person claimed that Jakes was a known gay in his hometown in West Virginia after being “groomed” by an older pastor.

See official videos with emails below:

To date, none of the details of the report have been confirmed or commented on by an involved parties. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

Authored by: Ashley Blackwell