Cardi B Slams Comedian FYB J Mane For Sharing Alleged Old DM’s Of A Heated Exchange Between Him & Offset: ‘You Came To The Internet Lying’

Cardi B, FYB J Mane, Offset

Cardi B Slams Comedian FYB J Mane For Sharing Alleged Old DM’s Of A Heated Exchange Between Him & Offset: ‘You Came To The Internet Lying’

Looks like Cardi B is not here for internet star FYB J Mane recently sharing an old message between him and her estranged husband Offset.

The rapper took the comments section of the YouTuber’s post, calling him out for allegedly lying for clout.

FYB J Mane

As a comment under the now deleted DM post, Cardi B, real name Belcalis Almánzar Cephus, 31 wrote:

“This dm is maaa old the only reason you got a dm is cause you lied and said offset kicked you out the studio when we was both being super nice to you of the strength of our boy PO,”

She added:

“We was literally giving you advice on how to make your cereal brand bigger then you came to the internet lying …That’s why y’all be stuck rather lie for clout then move your product”

In case you’re unfamiliar, FYB J Mane has been marketing his cereal brand Whoops, and has linked with several celebs to promote the breakfast item. Back in August of last year, he posted a promotional clip of he and Cardi B speaking about the product in what seems to be a studio, which could possibly be the studio session she was referring to when she accused him of lying about being kicked out.

Judging from Cardi’s claims that the DM is old, it seems reasonable that the message from Offset, real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus, 31, was actually sent around that same time last year. In the DM in question, the “Clout” artist was seemingly upset at FYB for falsely claiming he kicked him out of the studio. The message from Offset read:

“Aye bra what’s up with you I was on some cool Sh*t and you come playing with my name

But how the game work we run into each other again it’s all love bra.

U capped like I kicked you out I was on some cool sh*t but u on some sucka sh*t like n****s can’t reach you.”

In response, FYB wrote:

“Bro I Be On some Comedian Sh*t Please Don’t Take It Personal I Want To Stay Locked In With Yall, And I Never Said You Kicked Me Out.”

And reportedly added as a caption to this post:

“It Hit Different When Offset Tryna Stop Me From Whoopin with @iamcardib Smfh.”

Cardi B

However, many seemed to believe the interaction was more recent seeing as though FYB recently addressed Offset not wanting to give him a signed copy of his cereal box during an appearance on the No Jumper podcast. Explaining to the show’s host Adam 22 why he’s the reason Offset didn’t want to give his signature, FYB stated:

“You wrote Adam O Block under my sh*t. He felt like if it wasn’t a real O Blockian who wrote that sh*t, that sh*t whooped.”

He added:

“So, he like, ‘Bro, what the f*ck?’ I told him. I said, ‘Offset, it’s good. That’s Adam. That’s the white boy from NoJumper. You tweaking….’Nah, I know who that is. It hit different.'”

It does not appear that Offset has made any comments about the situation at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson