Ciara Allegedly Issues Cease & Desist To Stunna Girl Over New Song That Samples ‘Goodies’ + Rapper Slams Her In Response: ‘Act So Godly But Really Be Jealous Haters’

Ciara, Stunna Girl

Ciara Allegedly Issues Cease & Desist To Stunna Girl Over New Song That Samples ‘Goodies’ + Rapper Slams Her In Response: ‘Act So Godly But Really Be Jealous Haters’

It looks like rap star Stunna Girl is beefing with R&B songstress Ciara.

The California native recently took to social media to take shots at Ciara for allegedly sending a copy infringement notice about a new record that samples the Grammy Award winner’s 2004 #1 Billboard hit “Goodies.”

Claiming that she was contacted by Ciara’s team about her song “Stand Up,” Stunna Girl, 25, shared via her X account (formerly Twitter) in a since-deleted message:

“I literally hate when producers use samples. These artists be actin like they made the beat it’s so many people that used that beat but. @ciara team writing me saying she personally contacted them about me. But anytime I done used a beat that was sampled by a white artist they didn’t give af”

When a social media user commented that Ciara, 38, is typically all about “girl code,” Stunna Girl added:

“That girl code sh*t be fake. These old hos be hating”

Though it doesn’t appear that Ciara nor anyone from her team has confirmed or denied the accusations, that didn’t stop the rising rapper from doubling down on her criticism of the singer. In a follow-up message, she additionally stated:

“Btchs act so godly but really be jealous haters that’s why you only see me with my husband & family.”

Stunna Girl

At this time, Stunna Girl’s song, which features rapper YG, has been removed from YouTube, though a clip of the record can still be found on her Instagram page. It is unclear whether or not she’ll eventually get cleared to release the song. Despite Ciara remaining mute about the situation, her fans quickly came to her defense. Many took to Stunna Girl’s comment section with criticism of her song, arguing that it wasn’t that good and likely too vulgar for Ciara to want to be associated with.

One user wrote:

“i love stunna girl problematic a** but did she really think ciara was gonna clear that sample?! “I CAN MAKE THE D*CK STAND UP” like sister bffr”

While another added:

“Stunna girl said I can make the d*ck stand up & thought Ciara was gon clear that mess”

Many others shared similar opinions.

Stunan Girl went on to claim that she’s unbothered by her critics, writing a final message about the situation:

“I don’t care about what some random people on the net gotta say cuz y’all was the same people saying this lady was a man for years shoulda came to her defense then when she needed y’all the most y’all switch up like the season lol I own my music I can drop whenever I want . I’ll be onto the next song not givin af I only posted that cuz my supporters wanted to know what happened & y’all don’t know how these people be moving behind closed doors”

It does not appear anything further has been said about the matter at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson