Charleston White Reiterates Disrespectful Comments About T.I. & His Son King Harris, YouTuber Explains Why He ‘Went In’ On Them: I Was Just F*cking w/ Em’ Cause They Were F*cking w/ Kanye West

T.I, Charleston White, King Harris

  Charleston White Reiterates Disrespectful Comments About T.I. & His Son King Harris, YouTuber Explains Why He ‘Went In’ On Them: I Was Just F*cking w/ Em’ Cause They Were F*cking w/ Kanye West

Charleston White doubled down on the comments he made about T.I. and his son King Harris

In a recent interview, controversial YouTuber Charleston White explained the tea behind his recent internet feud with rapper T.I. and his son King Harris. After being asked if he was afraid to encounter T.I., born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., after the comments he made, Charleston White said:

“He ain’t never been to jail for killing nobody. I’m scared of n*gg*s that done killed people.”

Charleston continued:

“‘Cause I think his son ugly and I think he’s an unruly misbehaved lil’ yellow lil’ boy.”

Charleston added:

“I ain’t jealous of em’ high yellow n*gg*s ain’t never been able to dunk from the free throw line. F*ck would I be jealous of a high yellow n*gg* for?”

King Harris

He then explained why he originally blasted the father and son on the internet:

“Nah. I was just f*ck*ng with em’ cause they were f*ck*ng with Kanye West. All the rappers like Boosie saying they’ll slap Kanye West. So I’m saying they f*ck*ng with him, lemme f*ck with them.”

Kanye West

He elaborated:

“Just so happened T.I. son is getting in trouble so I was just really f*ck*ng with them n*gg*s not knowing that they would respond to my words. I was just highlighting and b*llsh*tt*ng but since he act like he getting mad, Ima f*ck with you some more.”

The 52-year-old stated what would happen if the Atlanta rapper were to walk into the room:

“He better know how to fight. N*gg* said he’d put his foot in my *ss. I ain’t now one of them lil’ girls your try to put his foot in her p*ssy.”

He admitted:

“I’d sit down and talk to T.I. on this platform. I won’t talk to him no where else.”

As previously reported, T.I. wasn’t tolerating Charleston making his 18-year-old son the topic of his internet conversation. While calling out Boosie for threatening Kanye West following his presentation of “white lives matter” t-shirts, Charleston bought King Harris into the mix. He said:

“I hate you, Boosie, and I don’t like your lil’ ugly-a** son neither, lil’ Tootie Raww. He’s going to jail. Yeah, that lil’ boy going to jail. His lil’ b*tch-a** going to jail. Lil’ Tootie Raww thinks he’s tougher than a m*therf*cker. Boy, you Lil’ Boosie’s son. Lil’ boy ain’t never been slapped across his godd*mn head. Boosie, your boy don’t know how to fight. Neither do that lil’ T.I. lil’ yellow m*therf*cker.”

King got a hold of Charleston’s comments and took to his DMs to threaten to beat down the Youtuber. However, this seemingly didn’t phase Charleston, as he attempted to involve authorities and tagged Atlanta police in King’s response. Charleston said previously:

“According to God, a disobedient child’s days are shortened and numbered, and you wonder why so many young, disobedient children are dying in 2022! Because they are disobedient and the word says that their days will be numbered and shortened. Children like King days will be numbered and shortened.”

T.I. and King Harris

T.I. then took to Instagram live to check the Youtuber. He said:

“Whatever man can fix his m*therf*cking face to talk sh*t about a m*therf*cking kid, bruh, you a h*e-a** n*gg*. Come deal with the daddy! Come deal with the daddy, man! Because when the daddy get to getting on your a**, you ain’t gon’ do nothing but hit nine one and wait on the [other] one to come follow behind. N*gg*, if you don’t want no problem, what you keep kicking up dust for?”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill