Jojo Siwa, 20, Reveals Tattoos w/ The Names Of Her Future Children & Says She’s Already ‘Got A Sperm Donor Lined Up’

JoJo Siwa

Jojo Siwa, 20, Reveals Tattoos w/ The Names Of Her Future Children & Says She’s Already ‘Got A Sperm Donor Lined Up’

Pop artist Jojo Siwa has her motherhood journey all planned out.

The 20-year-old recently opened up about her desire to have three children in the future and shared that she’s already secured a donor to help her get there.

Jojo Siwa

During a recent interview, Joelle “JoJo” Siwa revealed arm tattoos of the names she plans to give her offspring, stating:

“I actually have two tattoos dedicated to them. This one’s dedicated to my baby girl one day, her name is Freddie,”


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She continued:

“Then this is dedicated to twin boys, Eddie and Teddie. Freddie, Eddie and Teddie. I want three babies. I’ve got a sperm donor lined up.”

While the former Dance Moms star didn’t reveal who the mystery donor is, she did tease big news on her Instagram account on Wednesday (Feb. 28). Sharing a snippet of life lately, Siwa uploaded an image of herself at a tattoo shop in the Sunshine State, writing:

“48HRs in Florid. There’s 4 photos in this slide that I can’t wait for you to understand what’s happening in them. Give me a few and you’ll know I promise. Any guesses?”

Jojo Siwa

At this time it doesn’t appear the entertainer has revealed the big surprise just yet. As far as relationships go, it’s unclear who Siwa is planning on raising her future little ones with. One report notes that the actress swore off dating last year following her breakup with YouTuber Avery Cyrus and subsequent split from influencer Kylie Prew.

Kylie Prew, Jojo Siwa

Avery Cyrus, Jojo Siwa

She revealed at the time that while she does hope to find love, it’ll have to be after she learns some balance, explaining:

“I’m a lover. I crave that. But it’s good, because I know when I’m in a relationship, I prioritize it, and sometimes a little too much and I cut out friends, cut out family, cut out career, and I only focus on relationships…So I think it’s good that I’m single right now.”

JoJo Siwa


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Authored by: Kay Johnson