Shaggy Shocks Fans After Showing Off His ‘Real Voice’ w/o His Signature Accent: ‘I Feel So Scammed’


Shaggy Shocks Fans After Showing Off His ‘Real Voice’ w/o His Signature Accent: ‘I Feel So Scammed’

Another celeb has the internet shook after revealing they have separate voices for entertaining and regular life.

Jamaican artist Shaggy recently showed off his everyday tone while explaining how the sound he uses for recording music came to be.


During a recent interview Shaggy, real name Orville Richard Burrell, 55, shared that he discovered his signature music voice during his time with the US Marines. Using the accented tone, which can be found on some of his hit records like his 1995 single “Bombastic,” Shaggy stated:

“I got this voice by mocking drill instructors in the military. Because in the Marines, the drill instructors would go, “Yeah boy, drop and give me 20, let’s go.”

H continued:

“And I would mock him as a form of joking because it motivated, you know, your platoon…I just sang that song [Oh Carolina] in that voice because, you know… it sounded cool…Oh Carolina blew up and now I’m faced with the situation that I’m gonna have to sing every song like that.”


Shaggy discusses how he got his signature voice while in the U.S marines

? original sound – DiRealShaggy

After hearing Shaggy’s regular voice, void of his famous accent, several social media users took to the comments section to share their disbelief. One user wrote:

“I feel so scammed”

While another added:

“I’m 38 years old and this is the first time I’ve heard his speaking voice”

Many others expressed similar feelings.

Shaggy’s recent revelation sees him joining a growing list of entertainers who sound wildly different in their everyday lives than they do while entertaining. As we previously reported, YouTube star DDG threw his fans a curveball a while back, revealing a much deeper toned voice that he said he uses while speaking to family and friends.

Additionally, hotel Heiress Paris Hilton also showcased her regular speaking voice a few years ago. The reality star/businesswoman claimed that she’d been playing the “dumb blonde” character but insisted that she’s “actually brilliant” in real life. She stated at the time:

“The world has never truly known who I am…The real me is someone who is actually brilliant. I’m not a dumb blonde, I’m just really good at pretending to be one.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson