Professional Boxer Ryan Garcia Breaks Down In Tears While Sharing He’s ‘Been Going Through A Lot Lately,’ Fans Express Concern: ‘He’s Talking Like It’s A Goodbye’

Ryan Garcia

Professional Boxer Ryan Garcia Breaks Down In Tears While Sharing He’s ‘Been Going Through A Lot Lately,’ Fans Express Concern: ‘He’s Talking Like It’s A Goodbye’

Supporters of Ryan Garcia are worried about his well-being.

The professional boxer has been making headlines lately due to his personal life and questionable behavior. At the top of the year the 25-year-old shocked many by revealing he filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 3 years, Drea Celina, just moments after announcing they welcomed their second child together. More recently, his social media platforms were temporarily deactivated following his commentary on the Palestinian-Israel conflict in Gaza. On top of that, Ryan Garcia also claimed he knows “who killed Tupac” and also threatened to bite Devin Haney’s ears – seemingly a nod to the infamous Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield 1997 fight – during their match on April 20.

Devin Haney

Despite this, Ryan Garcia’s team has expressed all is well with the athlete and he’s ready for his forthcoming boxing event. However, fans of Garcia have continued to express opposing opinions, especially in the comment section of his recent TikTok post. In the video, Garcia talks directly to his supporters as Hillsong UNITED’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” plays in the background. He starts with,

“I love you guys, I hope you guys felt the peace I felt right there. I really do. … I hope you feel my love. I might cry. I might cry…but only because of the Holy Spirit and the love I feel right now.”

Slightly touching on what he’s been dealing with, Garcia breaks down in tears as he says,

“I don’t want to cry but I’m going to cry. I love God so much and I just felt that in my heart. I felt that in my soul. I’ve been going through a lot lately, I’ve been feeling a lot of hurt because I tried myself, I tried my hardest to share all the love that he gave me and I tried to help out the kids. I tried my best and everybody tried to break me down.”

After wiping away his tears, Garcia continues,

“They tried to break me down. They tried to make me stop, they tried to cancel my fight and I was trying to do something good. And I put everything on the line and they judged me hard but I kept going. I’m strong.”


The love of the Holy Spirit ?? Its beyond comprehension and will make a grown man cry Some may see this as weakenss but those who know the POWER and STRENGTH of the Holy Spirit understand Im trying my best here, please dont judge me to hard

? original sound – Ryan Garcia

The California native appears to be referencing his recent threat that he would sue the New York State Athletic Commission for asking him to take a mental health evaluation. Since posting the video, many have flooded the comment section with mixed reactions. Some praised Garcia for being upfront with his emotions. However, others questioned his mental stability, and a few claimed he was cloned.

One person wrote,

“He’s talking like it’s a goodbye .. something feels off”

Another person said,

“bros memory was erased he’s cooked”

A TikTok user in support of what Garcia said, noted,

“It’s messed up what they did to you bro and they keep trying to talk down on you & cancel your fights but keep going bro you got this”

See more reactions below:

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel