Kevin Hart Criticized For Comments About Lil Nas X’s Coming Out

Kevin Hart, Lil Nas X

Kevin Hart Criticized For Comments About Lil Nas X’s Coming Out

Kevin Hart has yet to be discharged from the hospital after a serious car accident. However, that hasn’t stopped some fans from blasting him for comments about Lil Nas X’s coming out. During an episode of HBO’s Uninterrupted, the actor and rapper sat down and discussed Lil Nas X recently announcing that he is homosexual. Hart questioned why the announcement was necessary and said,

“He said he was gay, so what?”

The Old Town Road rapper then tried to explain that coming out in the Black community is not the easiest thing to do. He said,

“I’m growing up to hate this s***… homosexuality…”

And Hart still couldn’t seem to see why.

“Why are you growing up to hate it?”

Lil Nas X added,

“If you really from the hood, you know…”

He added that he wanted to make the announcement at what could be considered a peak of his career so that people wouldn’t think he was doing it for fame or attention.

Some fans agreed with Lil Nas X and slammed Hart for giving him a hard time. Some pointed out that Hart was booted from hosting the Oscar Awards earlier this year because of vintage tweets that were said to be homophobic, including one where Hart said he would slam a dollhouse on his son’s head if he came out as gay.

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