‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Bambi Reveals She Started Dating Ex-Husband Scrappy While Also Dating Benzino

‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Bambi Reveals She Started Dating Ex-Husband Scrappy While Also Dating Benzino

Reality star Bambi is getting candid about how her romance with Scrappy began.

The Love & Hip Hop cast member recently revealed that she and her ex-husband had an intimate relationship prior to her on-screen debut.

Scrappy, Bambi

Adizia ‘Bambi’ Benson made the admission during a recent interview with former L&HH producer Carlos King. She explained that despite how TV portrays things, she knew rapper turned reality star Darryl ‘Scrappy’ Richardson before he began filming for the reality series and before she made her first appearance on the show during the infamous hot tub scene with Benzino and Kirk Frost.

Bambi claimed she started being intimate with Scrappy while he was with his on-and-off again ex-girlfriend Diamond, who at the time Bambi thought was his child’s mother. However, the children’s book author said she and Scrappy started getting more familiar after he told her he was about to star in a new reality series and was moving back in with his daughter Emani’s actual mother, Erica Dixon, who he appeared to be working things out with during the first season the VH1 series.

Lil Scrappy, Erica Dixon

According to Bambi, Scrappy was off-screen during season one asking her to hang out and lying about his relationship with Erica Dixon. She stated:

“We were like hanging out after scenes, that’s how confused I was about it because he was telling me…’nah we just getting a bag’…’I’m just trying to help her get some money so she can stay out my pockets’…I’m just like a butterfly…I’m new to the city and I’m just like hanging out, doing my thing whatever,”


She continued:

“That was the nature of our relationshop at that point…maybe towards the end of the season me and him started getting a little closer…he started really liking me and I liked him too…then I started to notice a pattern with him and Erica…he kept denying the fact that he was with her and I was like ‘this look like it’s a little bit more than for TV.”

Bambi went on to state that around that same time, she met Benzino and Kirk Frost out on the town and started dating Benzino. She shared that when she was invited to film the viral hot tub scene at the cabin with the L&HH stars, she was technically dating both Scrappy and Benzino, explaining:

“Benzino and I we were cool, we were what I guess people would consider dating…we were going out, we just [weren’t]  having sex.”

King confirmed with Bambi that she was, in fact, dating both of them, which she said she believes “intrigued” producers enough to get her a recurring spot on the show. Bambi’s recount of her relationship timeline with Scrappy somewhat reinforces Erica Dixon’s TV gripe with her. In case you’re unfamiliar, Dixon and Bambi had tension throughout their time on the show together due to Dixon’s adamant belief that Bambi purposefully got in between her and Scrappy’s efforts to be a traditional family.

Their animosity towards one another only intensified after Scrappy left Dixon to go all in with Bambi, ultimately marrying her in 2017. Despite seeming like their relationship triumphed, Bambi and Scrappy divorced in June last year. The ex-couple shares three children.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson