Kountry Wayne Disputes Ex-Girlfriend Jess Hilarious’ Claims That He Was Married While They Dated + Says He Was ‘The Catch’ In Their Relationship

Kountry Wayne, Jess Hilarious

Kountry Wayne Disputes Ex-Girlfriend Jess Hilarious’ Claims That He Was Married While They Dated + Says He Was ‘The Catch’ In Their Relationship

Comedian Kountry Wayne is suggesting Jess Hilarious hasn’t been entirely truthful when discussing how things played out in their brief romance.

The 36-year-old appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay recently to shoot down previous claims made by his ex.

Kountry Wayne

While discussing his previous romance with Jess Hilarious, 31, Kountry Wayne, real name Wayne Colley, stated:

“Jess, like I always told her, she never tells the 100% truth, and I let her do that…I text Jess the other day. I said, ‘Jess, man.’ I got kinda petty. I said, ‘You gotta get more going on in your career so they can stop bringing up my name.’”

He continued:

“Cause when I come, Netflix specials and book…This going on that going on. We don’t got to down each other, man that’s been 5 years ago. If that’s the main question in your interview, we gotta put some work in.”

The comic went on to claim that many of the things Jess has mentioned about their relationship didn’t actually happen the way she tells it.

If you recall, the two jokesters went public at the start of 2019 and dated for around four months before calling it quits. During their romance, the Wild N Out star insinuated the two were”soul mates,” and she was even gifted a house. Once they split, the comics claimed the break-up was mutual and that they still had a lot of love and respect for one another. However, Jess slowly began opening up more about the situation and claimed that Wayne lied to her about being divorced from his then-estranged wife.

Jess was recently asked about their relationship during an appearance on NFL star Cam Newton’s podcast Funk Friday With Cam Newton last month. During the episode, the entertainer doubled down on her story that Wayne fully convinced her that he was at the end of divorce proceedings with his then-wife, and even called his lawyer to verify his story. However, she said after being blasted all over social media for being a “home wrecker,” she ultimately discovered the truth and left the relationship.

Wayne told Sharpe that wasn’t how things played out. He admitted that he did pursue Jess shortly after separating from his wife, but said the divorce was finalized within 45 days. Wayne also accused Jess of wanting to “be the winner” of the situation and expressed his opinion that she, like others, seemed to wrongly believe she was the catch of the relationship when it was actually him. He added during the interview:

“Charlemagne asked me one time, he said ‘how you lose Jess Hilarious?’ I said ‘how she lose Kountry Wayne? I’m the catch!’…my baby mamas they fine as I don’t know what, Jess fine too, but I been had them. She ain’t had no Kountry Wayne…let’s stop that.” 

It does not appear that Jess has reacted to Wayne’s comments at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson