Wendy Williams Shares Rare Photo Of Chronic Foot Condition, Later Deletes

Wendy Williams Shares Rare Photo Of Chronic Foot Condition, Later Deletes

In a now-deleted post, Wendy Williams opened up to fans about her experience with lymphedema.

The daytime television talk show host shared a photo of her foot that is swollen due to the condition. Lymphedema is swelling that occurs when lymph, a fluid that has white blood cells to battle germs, is collected in soft body tissues, according to Prevention.com.

Wendy Williams shared the photo with the caption,

“My Dr Laure is the French lady who’s helping me live with lymphedema. She scrubs & understands my disease is not curable only manageable.”

She then pointed out her wardrobe choice, adding:

“Oh yes I’m wearing a sequin dress why not?! #lymphedema”

While she later deleted the post, this isn’t the first time she’s been candid about her life with lymphedema.

In March, she gave fans a close-up on her show and said,

“Do you see my feet? Do you see how they barely fit in my shoes even? I have Lymphedema. I’ve had it now for a few years…Mine [my feet] are discolored. They’re hardened. I can’t wear boots. I can’t believe in our comment section people say, ‘Why does she walk like that?’ Well if you see me in an airport, you’ll be like is that Wendy in a wheelchair? Yup. I can’t even walk two city blocks. You know you got the numbness and whatnot. It’s not curable…”

She first revealed her diagnosis in the summer of 2019 when fans pointed out her swollen legs.

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Authored by: Char Patterson