Kim Kardashian’s Staff Reportedly Threatening To Sue Over Working Conditions

Kim Kardashian’s Staff ‘Threaten Legal Action Over Working Conditions’

Reality star Kim Kardashian is reportedly in hot water after staff threatened to take legal action over working conditions.

This information comes mere months after soon-to-be ex-husband Kanye West was hit with two class-action lawsuits over claims he mistreated staff and allegedly didn’t pay up to 1,000 performers and backstage staff at his Sunday Service shows.

Attorneys for those employees allege he violated rigid employment laws in California concerning hundreds of workers ranging from performers and backstage crew to make-up artist and costume designers. The allegations included: not paying employees on time or “at all’ in some instances, not granting overtime wages for time worked, not providing meal and rest breaks, etc.

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Kanye West

Insiders told The Sun that the legal action against Kanye West could prompt similar activity against his estranged wife.

“Since members of his Sunday Service crew sued, other employees have been considering their options. There’s apparently a potential lawsuit in the works against Kim involving multiple employees. They are believed to be domestic workers employed at her home who allegedly may have been misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees.”

They added,

“If a lawsuit is filed, then one issue would be how much control Kim and her staff had over them.”

Some of the workers are said to be underaged.

“If minors were employed and worked more than the maximum limit set by law, then there may be a case of child labor violations.”

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Authored by: MiMi James