Will Smith Seems To Knock Out His Teeth During Golf Session W/ Jason Derulo

Will Smith Seems To Knock Out His Teeth During Golf Session W/ Jason Derulo

Will Smith and Jason Derulo are back at it on Instagram’s latest Reels feature.

The actor and singer linked up yet again Sunday (Aug.9), this time showing off their golfing skills. As Will Smith is coaching Jason Derulo on setting up his swing, the 30-year-old ends up cocking the golf club back too early, despite Will Smith’s warnings not to, and appears to hit Will Smith in the mouth, sending a tooth flying out.

Will falls to the floor, with his hand over his mouth as Jason Derulo tries to escape hastily, but not before Will gets his revenge. Will says he just needs “one swing” and goes to retrieve his driver club and the video cuts with Will taking a swing at Jason.

He captioned it:

And we never saw @jasonderulo again

The 52-year-old father of three followed the video up with a photo of him, with all his “remaining” teeth showing and Jason Derulo, in which he captioned:

“I gotta stop inviting @jasonderulo over (see my last post)”

The two made a video together just a few days prior (Aug. 4) and used Instagram Reels to shoot it. In the short video, Will is looking for a Bel-Air Athletics sweater to wear, sniffs it, and smells the fabric softener and proceeds to throw it on a table. The sweater turns into Jason Derulo who is clearly hurt after hitting the table.


Jason must have a thing for shattering smiles because he did the same bit back in May on TikTok. The “Swalla” singer was talking about trying a new “life hack” and ate a piece of corn on the end of a power drill, causing Jason to scream and reveal two front teeth that look chipped.

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