Beyonce’s Photographer Yosra El-Essawy Leaves Tour After Being Diagnosed With Cancer


Meet Yosra El-Essawy. She is the photographer responsible for the pictures we have seen of Beyonce during the ‘Mrs.Carter Show’ tour. In June, the 32-year-old London native was diagnosed with stage four oesophageal cancer forcing her to leave the tour. El-Essawy, who originally began as a wedding photographer, quickly became Beyonce’s official tour photographer following a ban on others photographers on her tour. Recently, Beyonce posted a video from El-Essawy where she spoke about the tour and her cancer. She explained,

I went to audition as a staff photographer on this massive tour and I just felt so at home. I was like  ‘yeah this feels right.’ I never prayed on something so specifically in my life. Beyonce specifically is the only celebrity that I’ve ever vocalized wanting to photograph, ever. ‘There’s just such a humanity and beauty about her that I’ve always seen. It was never because of her outward beauty,I mean, that’s obvious to any person who has eyes. It’s her inner beauty – there’s just something she emanates, there’s a light.


And while she is battling with the disease, she explains that she doesn’t feel sick, but was crushed when she realized that she couldn’t return on tour:

My brother is a doctor and he said ‘I think you just have to accept that you’re not going back on tour’ and just the feeling, just hearing that…it crushed me more than being told I had cancer. Rather than feeling like oh God how could this happen, I have never felt more grateful in my life. The fact the tour happened when it did, was just so divinely timed. This is a gift to me. This period is happening for me not to me. I don’t feel sick. I feel incredibly, incredibly blessed.


Currently, she is doing well and posted on her Facebook page:

Results are in… Not only is there NO new disease, but there is a 30% reduction in my tumour size!!! 30% with 3 rounds of chemo alone!!!! AND I’m heavier than when I started AND my hair isn’t going anywhere AND I can jump high and touch the sky. THANK YOU GOD!!! And THANK YOU#teamslugslayer!!! Don’t ever let anyone discourage you or tell you you can’t do something. WE ARE POSSIBLE!!!

Peep some of her photos and watch the clip below.




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