‘Mob Wives’ Alum Renee Graziano Reveals She ‘Died Twice’ From Drug Overdose In September, Has Been Sober For 6 Months

‘Mob Wives’ Alum Renee Graziano Reveals She ‘Died Twice’ From Drug Overdose In September, Has Been Sober For 6 Months

Former Mob Wives reality TV star Renee Graziano is opening up about her near-fatal overdose,

During an appearance on The Tamron Hall Show Wednesday (May 8), the 56-year-old recounted the traumatic events that took place on Sept. 18, 2023, when she nearly lost her life after ingesting drugs she initially believed to be cocaine. The incident unfolded while Graziano had lunch with a friend at a high-end restaurant in Florida. Renee Graziano received a bag of drugs that she now believes had fentanyl or heroin. She collapsed at the table and suffered severe injuries, including four fractured ribs. She said,

“I died twice actually.”

Opening up to Tamron Hall, Renee Graziano elaborated:

“I know I was there with my girlfriend. I know that a friend of mine sent somebody to meet me, and the kid accidentally gave me a bag of dope as opposed to cocaine.”

Tamron Hall then asked,

“Did you take it there at the restaurant?”

Graziano replied,

“I must’ve because that’s where I died … My girlfriend said I came back to the table, I sat down, and I keeled over.”

Graziano went on to explain that she spent nine days in the hospital following the traumatic event and reflected on the root of her addiction, attributing it to the loss of her father, which left her feeling empty.

Emotionally, Graziano shared,

“After my father died, my whole world crumbled. I felt as though I lost my identity. I was constantly searching for this love that I don’t even know exists … but there’s this hole in my heart … I feel empty, so I’m constantly trying to fill myself with projects, friendships, and traveling … and when it’s not there, I’m in my head.

She continued,

“And I’m living alone in Florida without my family … my family pretty much had enough of me, and they’re like ‘move away’ … It’s love that’s the problem … I think every addict, they’re missing love.”

Graziano further explained that while none of her family members visited her in the hospital following the traumatic event, her fellow Mob Wives alum Carla Facciolo was the first person to check on her in person.

Despite recounting her struggles with addiction, Graziano shared that she has been sober for over six months. She credits her progress to increased prayer and maintaining communication with her son and grandchildren, whom she considers her source of strength and support.

Sending our best wishes to Renee Graziano as she continues on her path to recovery. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Authored by: Aaron Keenan