GloRilla Accused Of Stealing $400,000 From Atlanta Investor After Failing To Complete Contract Obligations


GloRilla Accused Of Stealing $400,000 From Atlanta Investor After Failing To Complete Contract Obligations

Rap star GloRilla has reportedly been in an ongoing lawsuit over an alleged six-figure contract disagreement.

An investor from Atlanta recently accused the Memphis native of allowing her music success to turn her “cocky”, claiming she tried to back out of a partnership agreement they had despite already being paid.

The plaintiff, Atlanta based entrepreneur Aristotle Varner Jr., discussed the matter during a recent interview on The Morning Hustle. He stated:

“GloRilla, she stole some money from me…I paid her some money—over six figures—to do something for me and she didn’t complete the tasks. She’s still got two more tasks to complete, and it’s on contract.”

Continuing, Aristotle Varner Jr. explained that he first signed the agreement with GloRilla, real name Gloria Hallelujah Woods, while she was already “big,” but surmises that she’s since become cocky due to her success. As you may know, the 24-year-old has certainly had quite the breakthrough since storming the female rap scene with her 2022 Billboard charting single “F.N.F.”

Since, GloRilla has gone on to have 3 other singles chart the Hot 100, and has landed features from rap stars Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, the latter which she’s currently a tour opener for. Though he didn’t go into details about the suit, Aristotle Varner Jr. shared later in the interview that he’s still arguing the matter in court, stating:

“And I’m still going to court about that…it’s been a year, since March of last year.”

Aristotle Varner Jr.

As one report notes, a suit making congruent allegations against GloRilla first surfaced back in September of last year. The court complaint alleged that the rapper was paid more than $400,000 to promote the plaintiff on social media, as well as participate in a collaborative Instagram post and hold a meet-and-greet and 30-minute interview with business coach Asia Varner, Aristotle’s wife.
The report also notes that GloRilla and Varner appeared in a Tik Tok video together last February promoting Varner’s business, seemingly confirming their professional relationship.

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It does not appear that GloRilla has commented on the matter publicly at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson