Lil Fizz Abruptly Leaves Interview Following Fight w/ Co-Star Jordan Lee Brown

Lil Fizz, Jordan Lee Brown

Lil Fizz Abruptly Leaves Interview Following Fight w/ Co-Star Jordan Lee Brown

Singer/actor Lil Fizz recently got into a fight with his onscreen co-star.

The former B2k member tussled with actor Jordan Lee Brown during a recent interview, after the two exchanged heated jabs about who’s responsible for the movie’s success.

Both Lil Fizz, real name Dreux Pierre Frédéric, and Jordan Lee Brown were visiting the Movies & Models podcast promoting the release of their film Run Nixon dropping on Apple TV June 19th. The 2023 movie was directed by SkyDirects, and follows lead character Dre (Lil’ Fizz), as he’s propelled into a desperate race against time to save his son, Nixon after his child’s mother robs the menacing antagonist Slice (Jordan Lee Brown) to pay for the child’s heart surgery.

While discussing the preparation and filming process during the recent interview, tensions between Fizz and Brown began to rise as the ex boy band member accused his co-star of throwing shade. Brown commented that he doesn’t know many actors like himself who go beyond what’s normal in order to prepare for his roles. The remark prompted someone to rebut that Fizz has worked hard at acting as well, leading the Love & Hip Hop alum to accuse Brown of being shady around the 1:05:00 minute mark.

Brown reiterated his remarks, and reversely accused Fizz of being jealous of the independent awards he’s been winning. The singer then claimed that the movie wouldn’t be getting all the mainstream attention it has been if it wasn’t for his name, leading to him stepping up to Brown, suggesting the two should handle the matter physically. Brown then got up and proceeded to push Fizz back, as they began fighting before everyone around broke them up. When the interview continued, neither Fizz nor Brown returned.

At this time it does not appear that Fizz nor Brown have spoken about the altercation publicly.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson