Denzel Washington Hints At Stepping Away From On-Screen Roles: ‘There’s Less Time I’ll Be Spending In From Of The Camera’

Denzel Washington Hints At Stepping Away From On-Screen Roles: ‘There’s Less Time I’ll Be Spending In From Of The Camera’

Fans of Denzel Washington might soon see less of him on screen, as the double Oscar winner has hinted at stepping away from acting to focus on behind-the-scenes roles.

On the closing day of the American Black Film Festival, 69-year-old actor Denzel Washington engaged in a heartfelt conversation with Chaz Ebert, host and widow of legendary film critic Roger Ebert. The event, highlighting a retrospective on Denzel Washington’s remarkable career, took an intriguing turn when he hinted at stepping back from the spotlight.

Washington, set to star in the upcoming film Gladiator 2 alongside Paul Mescal, discussed his role as a producer on The Piano Lesson. This project is a true family affair: his son John David Washington stars, Malcolm Washington directs, and his daughters Katia and Olivia Washington contribute as a producer and a cameo actor, respectively. The film also features Samuel L. Jackson, Corey Hawkins, and Danielle Deadwyler.

Denzel Washington (Variety)

During the conversation, Washington shared an emotional moment as he described working with his children:

“As a parent, as a father, you want to jump in … It’s hard letting them go.”

In an unexpected revelation, Washington also admitted he doesn’t watch other movies besides his own, and even those he watches just once to prepare for interviews. However, the biggest reaction from the audience came when he suggested he might be seen less on screen in the future.

Washington stated,

“The things that are going on for me professionally behind the camera are as important to me now as in front of the camera. I think there’s less and less time I’ll be spending in front of the camera.”

While Washington may step back from on-camera roles, he’s still reminiscing about the times he was in front of the camera, specifically with Whitney Houston in The Preacher’s Wife.

Whitney Houston (Rosie O’ Donnell Show)

Reflecting on his experience filming the 1996 classic, where he starred as Dudley and she played Julia Biggs, Washington shared fond memories of working with the late singer and actress.

Speaking about Washington’s connection with Whitney Houston, Chaz Ebert noted,

“There was a vulnerability that you saw.”

Washington replied,

“Well, of course … I always felt like I wanted to protect her. You know? She wanted to be so tough, but she really wasn’t.”

Wrapping up the event, Washington offered attendees an exclusive preview of The Piano Lesson, slated for release on Netflix at a later date.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan