Evelyn Lozada & Bow Wow’s Mom, Teresa Caldwell, Launching Clothing Line

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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Newly married Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada and Teresa Caldwell (the mother of rapper Bow Wow) are joining fashion forces to launch their own clothing line. While tweet hustling, we learned that the two have plans to create a line that will include tops, dresses and sweatsuits, all at a reasonable price point. Both are familiar with fashion, as Evelyn had her own shoe boutique (Dulce), while Teresa has an online shoe store (Shop Pure Addiction).


Stay tuned for more details!

  • wow really

    ok “newly married” Chad not wearing a ring….. hummmm

    • Jaeti

      I hope Bow Wow is taking a closer look at his mom’s venture w/ EL. This chick is bad news. Her shoe store has closed down, her marriage is in shambles, and now there are legal troubles. Man, Teresa needs to move forward and continue to do her own thing. I think she needs to re-address this business relationship later and, after EL cleans up her mess and handle her troubles.

  • Can’t wait to see Eve’s new photo’s taken today and view this fashion line. Yep, we’re beyond excited and ready to raise our glasses up to. Give them a real Rhinna raise, oooh we’re excited!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for spring of 2013 to view this we’re beyond excited (big launch party)(laughs)!!!!

  • February 2013 indeed it is babe, Ev we are locked loaded and waiting on this line (laughing).  Ohh and Ev I loved that track Best of Me by Mr. Anthony Hamilton and my favorite video off of the album is for the song called 'Cool'.  One question though, Eve who do think off when you listen to this track (dying with the laughter)?  Ohhh this is going to be one holiday season that is going to be filled with many smiles, laughs, and jokes despite everything we've been through.  God is indeed a good, good God.

  • Ms. Teresa BWMom where’s your holloween costume dear? what happen you shy babe? We see Eve is looking like a hot, hot Ms. Ariel and then swithces up to Ms. Cleo (ready to set something off up in here)(laughs) ohhh we are loving it. Shaniece also looks fabulous as a sexy kitten, we love the tail. Ms. Nia Crooks is a sexy Mini Fucken Mouse (laughs) all greats ideas good job ladies(clap, clap). We got to give it to Ms. Princess Ariel this time, yes she won the halloween contest. That’s a hot costume we could the details took a little bit more work/time and it is a bit more expensive but it’s fabulous. Ohhh and Ms. Ariel, a certain individual was thinking, (maaam do you need me to help you get out off that costume?)(winks) guess who?

  • Happy birthday to Miss Evelyn Alexandria Lozada aka sexy Sandy love you boo!!!!!

  • Wooow it’s 2013 and spring is almost year for us to view and purchase from this line. We know it will be amzing!!

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