Ear Hustlin’: Is Orlando Bloom Dating Phylicia Rashad’s Daughter, Condola Rashad? + Actress Blasts Wendy Williams: ‘Never come for my mother!’

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Unfortunately, marriages don’t last too long in Hollywood and such is the case for actor Orlando Bloom. Last month, news hit that Bloom and his Victoria Secret super model, Miranda Kerr, were heading to divorce court after three years of marital bliss. So what exactly does this have to do with Phylicia Rashad’s daughter, Condola Rashad? Sources are suggesting that Rashad and Bloom are having some type of romantic relationship of sorts.

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Keep in mind, the two worked together during their Broadway production of Romeo & Juliet, so this could be totally platonic. Recently, Rashad denied reports, telling the Daily Mirror Newspaper:

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  • Alaya_Minglee

    What were the comments made about Phylicia Rashad?

  • m&m

    We need more backstory- what did Wendy say about Phylicia??

    • We’re clueless, but working on it.

      • Choco aka Hippie

        So you don’t know what was said and printed it as if you did and then admits to being clueless? I never comment on your site but your comment just sorta made me want to show you why I don’t comment… because of your comment

        • milkshake

          I agree, this story is sloppy reporting!! Wow…

          • Dually noted, but as we mentioned in the story — ‘we’ll keep our ears open’ indicates that we’re working on what triggered Condola’s comments. This is entertainment, but we certainly don’t purposely mislead readers.

  • Quita

    Phylicia is an iconic, classic beauty. I cant beleive , well yes I can, but I would hope Wendy wouldnt have anything negative to say about Mrs. Huxtable, lol!

  • Resa

    Unrelated to the story….

    Jasmine Brand is such a professional. Taking critiques like a boss!

    • Alaya_Minglee


    • Choco aka Hippie

      You are absolutely correct about Jasmine’s professionalism. I visit her site often and just noticed that this post was lacking so I mentioned it because I do appreciate the content of her site. I also appreciate and truly respect her professionalism.

  • Anonymous

    Remarks from Condola Rashad:

    @WendyWilliams You can perpetrate lies about me all day, even though as women in this business, we should be helping not slandering each other…Never come for my mother though. You should have more respect than that ma’am. #KickRocks.

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