Should Essence Have Omitted White Male Actors From ‘Think Like A Man Too Cover’?

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Essence Magazine has released their June 2014 issue, featuring cast members of Think Like A Man Too.

Leading men Terrence Jenkins, Kevin Heart, Michael Ealy, Romany Malco and film maker Will Packer are front and center on the cover. So what’s the big deal? Some are criticizing the publication for failing to include two of the film’s white actors, Jerry Ferrara and Gary Owen. @MsSparkleifyounasty wrote on the magazine’s Instagram account:

I’m black and I think it is wrong to have not included the whole cast of men. The mag can still cater to the

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  • Anonymous

    If the cover is suppose to represent the movie than essence should have included the other two men even if they are of another race. Not a good look essence!!!!!

  • Bri

    Essence was definitely wrong on this subject. Even as a “black” magazine, you can cater to a race while still featuring other races on the publication. “White” magazines feature black artists and actors all the time. And if they didn’t I am sure we would all be ready to protest. It is inexcusable. My only thought would be maybe Gary and Jerry were busy or something or maybe their roles in the film have decreased. Not sure how anyone at Essence could justify that…

  • Ann Carter

    And you know what’s sad, if this was reversed, boy oh boy. We would have a congressional hearing.

  • Alaya_MingLee

    Essence was definitely wrong for this. I’m glad Gary made a joke about it though. I don’t think it’s fair.

  • kim

    If that is so,so what!I’m so sick of this politically correct response from black folk.Those other publications continuously omit blacks from their pages and covers.I remember a few years ago,the Oceans 11 movie was out.It starred Don Cheadle,Bernie Mack,ti and a few white actors as well.On certain evening variety shows they would only mention Brad Pitt and Mr.Clooney and the other white actors.No mention of the black actors.If it wasn’t for Bet and TV One I wouldn’t have known these black men were in the movie.And it wasn’t just the one time.Several advertising outlets showed the trailer of the movie and didn’t mention these actors.I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right.I’m just tired of us not being real about it.We don’t have anything to prove,they do.

    • Bri

      Well in reference to your example of Oceans 11, those white actors were the lead roles where the story focused mainly on their pov. The other black actors you mentioned had supporting roles. This isn’t the case here. Jerry is part of one of the main couples in Think Like A Man. Even if Gary weren’t on the screen, Jerry should have been. And I have never seen a case where a black person was a lead role in a movie and was actually omitted from a “white” publication (or if there has been an example, I can’t recall). Essence was wrong here.

      • kim

        I don’t care if they were supporting or leading actors in the film.My point was they weren’t even mentioned.I had to hear about the black actors being part of the cast by tuning into a black network.Like it or not in this country we still need to have black magazines and black media outlets that tell our stories and support black actors.Because there are white media outlets and magazines that don’t talk about people and things that interest black people.I don’t care that they weren’t mention.We are limited often from the story.That was the point that I really wanted to make.I will still continue to support Essence and other magazines that tell my story.

  • Im not happy about that…

  • m&m

    spam, spam and more spam posts! urgggh!
    Yeah, they were wrong, I’m sure they have done covers with more than 5 folks. It is done to black actors/actresses all the time but WE have to do/be better.

    • Anonymous

      We do are best and We are better.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You can always depend on us to go against one another.

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  • Babyboy

    This is clearly wrong and just because other magazines do it to blacks does not mean we should stoop to there level. I don’ t think this what Dr. King meant us as blacks to do. You don’t heal wounds with another sore.

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