(EXCLUSIVE) Michael Jackson – Estate Lawyer Sued By MJ’s Ex-Business Partner Over Memorabilia Deal

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Then in 2004, Jackson sued him for $10 million dollars claiming the property was stolen. Vaccaro won the lawsuit with the judge throwing out the case and awarded Jackson nothing.

Beyonce, MJ Circa 2003

Beyonce, MJ Circa 2003

Then on December 17th, Vaccaro filed a federal lawsuit against John Branca. In the court docs, he explains that in May 2013, a company who owns Elvis Presley memorabilia expressed an interest in purchasing all of his’s Michael Jackson memorabilia.

However, he says Branca reached out to the company and defamed his good name. He alleges Branca told the company he was bankrupt, they had a judgement against him and accused him of being guilty of fraud.

Vaccaro says due to Branca the deal did not go through and the company. He claims that the statements made were false and cost him a lucrative business deal.  He is suing Branca for both compensatory damages and punitive damages. See the exclusive court docs.

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