Tevin Campbell – I Don’t Care If You Call Me Gay Or The F-Word, I Can Sing!!

Tevin Campbell Shuts Down Homophobic Claims, Glorifies He Can Sing

Tevin Campbell has received some criticism regarding his sexual orientation. The  “Can We Talk” singer has taken the opportunity to address some recent comments he’s observed. He took to Twitter to highlighted the most scrutinizing,

I read the comments I done heard it all “his ass loose,” he a fag,” “he gay as hell,” y’all homophobes gotta do better the thing you will NEVER EVER be able to say about me is “that boy CANT saing” thats the day I will be sitting at home crying and that day will be NEVER”  

Tevin Campbell

He even added his two cents on Kanye West’s recent visit to The White House, to meet with Donald Trump.

In 30 minutes, Kanye West, Kushner, Jim Brown and the orangutan will be meeting for lunch discussing job opportunity and some other manure. This will not get you that black vote orangutan.

The singer is widely recognized for his 1993 R&B hit “Can We Talk.

Authored by: Andre Palmer