Christian Keyes To Steve Harvey: You should be ashamed of yourself!

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Christian Keyes To Steve Harvey: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Christian Keyes Calls Out Steve Harvey

Christian Keyes is calling out Steve Harvey. The 41-year-old actor and model recently took to social media, addressing Harvey’s controversial comments about Flint, Michigan. As previously reported, the comedian and radio host came under fire for telling a caller to “enjoy your nice brown glass of water”, following a debate over the basketball team Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals loss to Golden State Warriors. Questioning Harvey’s statements, states,

Nine thousand cases of lead poisoning. Three and four year olds out there who haven’t started speaking yet because the lead has left them disabled to a certain extent. They have not been able to develop properly.

He continued,

We supported you through a lot of stuff. If you did a show in Flint, guaranteed people would come out by the thousands spending money they don’t even have to come see and support you to take their minds off what they are going through. And you on there cracking jokes about the dirty polluted water telling the Flint native “enjoy his glass of brown dirty water” You should be ashamed of yourself. You set an terrible example.

Keyes ended his criticism with:

I know accidents happen. This is a perfect time for you to lift up that heavy ass mustache you yours and apologize to the city of Flint. Have some class man. Message!
Let’s see if he is man enough to make right what he did wrong to the city of Flint.

See the clip.

-By Keke Waldon

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  • brooklyn34

    Well Said LMAO @ Heavy mustache

  • Wreckognize Game

    Steve will take offense to the mustache dig before he acts on the message. Steve has already stated that he dedicated an hour of his show to Flint while calling Hillary Clinton to task. He is comfortable thinking he has crossed over and still has the cushion of African Americans with his radio show, stand-up and Gospel award hosting gigs to fall back on when/if he ever falls from his high horse. Michigan radio should boycott his morning show.

    • That’s it! This has happened before. A Black entertainer crosses over, disses his black fan base, thinking he has finally made it. When his new white fans get tired of him or he does something they don’t like, then viola, he’s b (l)ack again.

      • Shar’n Joy Jackson


      • Ph.D

        Bill Cosby…

  • charlene weaver

    Very well said! Thank you… Steve is an idiot like his master trump!

    • Shar’n Joy Jackson


      • Betty clayton

        He has started to jump around like a big black ugly as monkey for demon white people they laughing at his big silly as that’s why niggers ain’t got shit Steve you a nigger every time you leave the table they say nigger sit your big monkey as down somewhere you is not funny anymore messy nigger lol

  • Lambyboo

    We all know he sold out. Best Hing for him to do is shut his mouth and send underprivileged kids to school and build houses for his people, feed the homeless and build shelters. Then apologize for all his BS.

    • Shar’n Joy Jackson

      Like he suggested. But then,…he apologizes for the mix up of da PAGEANT,….WOW!
      He got his priorities mess’d up,..??

  • currvalicious

    I’m glad someone spoke up b/c he seemingly got a pass for his insensitive & ignorant comments. Ole coon asz. He needs to be careful b/c what goes up must come down.

  • Cyn

    Yep. Well said! There are a million and one things to make fun of and or to joke about. Lead contaminated water being funneled into the homes of poor families is definitely not one of them! Tacky, tacky, tacky!

  • linda

    Steve, you can fall as sure as you think you have risen

  • Janice Milton

    Steve Harvey have gotten to big.he’s a perfect example of how money can change people when they rise high

  • Annetta Wooten

    Please stop being haters and wanting to see please lose and be sue. Ya know Steve cry for us he really don’t want to see anyone hurt and drinking filthy water and if you know your water is brown why would you drink it. Come on now take some responsibility for yourself you are grown I would not drink no damn Brown water I don’t care if I’m in the desert , heated it up make it Pure Clean with all that money Steve got He can help them get clean water..how you know he hasn’t? find something to do besides sitting around talking about people all the time, help them out you got money write a check and make the water clear. The person that said bad things about Steve is a hater and I’ve seen him in movies playing in movies what is he broke now and a hater? he can help out to write a check. And Steve and none of us should make fun of somebody bad misfortunes if we can help in any kind of way that’s what we should do that’s not funny!

    • A Alls

      Girl get a grip! Wrong is wrong n right is right! He been shuckin n jiving for a while now!

    • Robert Hill

      Can you tell us how much money he has donated, or what he has done to help the people of Flint

  • Annetta Wooten

    If you are rich in Jesus name we are our bothers keep.

  • Rose Ferrell

    we need to practice being more like Jesus

  • Jadaa Lewis

    Well said Christian!!! Someone that has access to a major platform needed to speak righteously. ..thanks

  • Clifford Cj Tate

    I’m gettin’ really tired of everybody jumpin’ on this band wagon about what Steve said without knowing the context in which he said it!! STOP IT!! The guy he told that too, they were goin’ in on each other’s cities.. Steve is from Cleveland, the guy was from Flint… It went from doin’ the dozens (joanin’, snappin’, crackin’, what ever you call it where you’re from) about Lebron and the Cavs to each others city!! So yeah, Steve smoked him with the brown water thing!! He’s a commediene, THAT’S WHAT THE FUCK HE DOES!! People need to get up out their feelings and stop jumpin’ on shit without knowing how shit went down!! And some don’t like the joke, SO THE FUCK WHAT? Dude came for it and got it!!

    • JPHALL

      I have to agree with you on this. Too many people now days make comments without actually hearing or reading what was actually said. SAD!

  • Bruce Anderson

    Christian, I’m proud of you for taking a stance. I support your comment 110%. By the way, you went there with the mustache comment. LOL

  • Fox Mary

    The only way this a$$ will apologize is, if he starts loosing sponsors or a lot of viewers.

  • Barner K Barner

    Of your

  • warriorbride

    Steve Harvey isn’t BORN AGAIN for anyone who CONTINUES to CUSS the bible says in 2 Peter that he is of the devil. He uses the LYING EXCUSE that he gets PAID to use profanity, and that so called Baptist pastor didn’t even have the GUTS TO correct him at all. He thinks that he is going to heaven on Judgement Day, he is an ADULTERER and Ephesians 4:29-5:4 says that its a SIN to use profanity and that its NOT for God’s children to use profanity for its OUT OF PLACE to do so, he thinks that going to church is going to get him saved, I tell you this if you are NOT CONVICTED of cussing then you are NOT truly BORN AGAIN !! Money is His god, NOT JESUS !

    He has been BLESSED financially but instead of giving GLORY to Jesus he glorifies satan with his words and PUTS MONEY ABOVE GOD and that isK GREED which is a SIN and called IDOLATRY and they will go to hell, he can’t take his money with him and he GRIEVES JESUS when he says that and disobeys and REBELLION is likened to WITCHCRAFT. without HOLINESS YOU WILL NOT SEE JESUS -HEBREWS 12:14 AND PROFANITY IS NOT HOLY and I won’t TICKLE HIS EARS and BE AFRAID to speak the TRUTH and don’t come back and tell me that I am NOT supposed to JUDGE him, YES WE ARE !!! Read the bible ok it says in 2 timothy 4:2 and I Corinth 5, and I have way more scriptures as well if you want to see them, but we are NOT to judge the UNSAVED but he professes to know JESUS and does NOT follow HIs commandments then he is a LIAR and the TRUTH and Christ is NOT in YOU ! hE MAKES ME SICK ! AND ON JUDGEMENT DAY JESUS SAYS THAT HE WILL Vomit t THE LUKEWARM. OUT OF HIS MOUTH !!

    The Baptist church has a FALSE CONVERSION for if you CONTINUE to do what you USED to do and your pastor tells you that you are saved but there is NO CHANGE in your life, that is a SIGN that you are NOT truly SAVED and he DOESN’T walk talk or act like a Godly man at all. Boy I wouldn’t want to be him when he stands before God and he tries to give that EXCUSE for why he cusses for, GOD WILL SAY “i NEVER KNEW YOU get behind me you WORKER of INIQUITY that means PLANNED to sin, which he does every time on his show !! WOE BE TO HIM FOR HE IS A POOR EXAMPLE OF A CHRISTIAN that is what Paul called a CARNAL christian which means a christian in WORD but NOT in deeds And DOING the UPSIDE DOWN CROSS is what CATHOLICS DO NOT followers of Jesus ok he can’t even get his RELIGIONS CORRECT he is so CONFUSE by satan HIM HE FOLLOWS and serves

  • Leslie Vetaw

    AMEN….Steve Harvey can’t school me on shyt…He needs to apologize to all Blacks for standing beside the tramp too….smdh