Nicki Minaj Attempts To Help Kash Doll & Asian Doll Squash Their Beef

Kash Doll, Nicki Minaj, Asian Doll

Nicki Minaj Attempts To Help Kash Doll & Asian Doll Squash Their Beef

Despite being involved in hip-hop beefs of her own (Lil Kim, Remy Ma, Cardi B), Nicki Minaj is doing her best to help other female rappers settle the issues they’re having.

Kash Doll and Asian Doll have been involved in a beef stemming from the use of the name “Doll” and Kash Doll believing Asian Doll was biting her style.

On Tuesday night, Nicki invited rappers Kash Doll and Asian Doll to partake in a sit down on her Queen Radio show. Nicki extended the invitation, tweeting:

Ok @kashdoll @ImAsianDoll let’s have a chat on the next episode of #QueenRadio #QueenTingz Sending love to the both of you.

However, Detroit rapper Kash Doll passed on the opportunity.

I’m straight… imma just ignore it she’s not even a Doll no more anyway she changed her name to Asian da brat… and that was my only issue.


Nicki accepted Kash Doll’s refusal and let her know that Asian Doll would still be participating to which Kash Doll went on to explain her reasoning.

I’ll kick it with Nicki any day buttttt I’m not tryna listen to somebody yell and call me bitchez and make up shit… I’m straight.

Nicki Minaj replied to Kash Doll, letting her know that would never happen.

Oh you must not know I’d never allow that,” wrote Nicki. ““WE” won’t be making fools out of ourselves. Number 1 radio show on Apple. By a black woman from south side Jamaica, Queens NEW YORK CITY. Oh but they don’t hear me tho. #QueenRadio you’ll see on the next episode. Trust.

Authored by: Eleven8