Is Oprah A Copy-Cat? Peep Why She’s Being Sued for Trademark Infringement

O, The Oprah Magazine debuted in the year 2000, but the October 2010 cover that reads “Own Your Power,” has pissed someone off. Furthermore, an article inside of the issue directed readers to start visiting a section on Oprah’s website which is titled “Own Your Power” as well. Although neither sounds like a big deal…it certainly is to one woman. Kelly Brown of New Jersey is the CEO of a company she also named “Own Your Power.” Kelly alleges that she used the name first. According to TMZ, Kelly claims that her business has been around since 1996, “providing a personal brand of self-awareness and motivational communication services.” And because of this, Oprah is being hit with a lawsuit for trademark infringement. Kelly filed the case on Thursday, July 28th in New Jersey. Check out Kelly‘s Own Your Power website here and see if she has a chance in hell of winning this lawsuit.

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