Hustle Harder ::: Guess Whose 14-Year-Old Daughter Launched A Makeup Line?

Lourdes “Lola” Leon, the 14-year-old daughter of superstar Madonna, is trying her hand in the cosmetics world with the launch of her own makeup line appropriately titled, “Material Girl”.

Lourdes’  line was introduced to the world on Tuesday in New York City.  In press releases, the 14-year-old had this to say of her products:

“It was so much fun getting to pick all of my favorite scents for the Material Girl body products and lip glosses…. The body products have fun names like Wicked Watermelon, Flirty Fruit, Midnight Magnolia and Sinful Sugar. I chose scents that I loved.”

Like any mama, Madonna lent some advice and helped her daughter select products for the line. Lourdes also turned to other celebrity cosmetic lines for inspiration and ideas.

At her launch party, Lourdes told StyleList,

“I always think Christina Hendricks looks very well made up. Mila Kunis, too… Kim Kardashian wears an insane amount of makeup but I think she looks great.”

It should come as no surprise that this little lady is a mini-mogul, having launched the Material Girl clothing line in 2010.  Looks like this make-up line is only an addition to her growing portfolio of business ventures.