[Reportedly] Cissy Houston To Evict Whitney’s Adopted Son, Nick Gordon

Recently, we shared that Whitney Houston had a 22-year-old adopted son that she was extremely close to, named Nicholas (Nick) Gordon. Nicholas, who Whitney helped raise, was a pallbearer at the funeral. And as is expected, Nicholas is torn and devastated about Whitney’s death. A source tells the outlet that,

“Nicholas was really close to Whitney…He is very devastated and keeps saying that he can’t believe she’s actually gone.”

And according to his twitter, the two, he and Bobbi Kristina, consider each other siblings. Nick was so close to Whitney that she allegedly left something in her will for him. Fast forward to the present day and we hear that Whitney’s mother, Cissy, is not a fan of Nick and would like him out of Whitney’s home (reportedly he’s currently living their with Bobbi Kristina, and has been for the last 10 years of his life or so). Sources share that Cissy believes Nick is a bad influence on her granddaughter (Bobbi Kristina) and no longer wants him to live in the Houston family home in Atlanta. No word on how he has been or is negatively influencing BK, but rumor has it that she’s informed lawyers of the eviction.