Mike Tyson: “The Prostitute Hunter,” Prepares To Hit Broadway

Mike Tyson is ready to open up about his turbulent life in his one man show, “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.” The show originally began in Las Vegas, but with the help of Spike Lee, it will open up on Broadway on July 31st. Tyson and Lee appeared on “The Today Show” to promote the film and… Let’s just say it got interestingly awkward. Peep the excerpts:

On being on “The Today Show” for the “first” time:

“No I’ve been here before with Bryant Gumbel in 1985-86. I’ve been here for a while. You’re not going to throw me under the bus.”

Spike Lee on bringing the show to Broadway:

“My camera man was in town [Las Vegas] for some electronics convention and he just happened to walk by. Five minutes until the curtain came down and it was mesmerizing. He called me up and said ‘Spike, you’ve got to see this…’ Called him… Said let’s do it… It’s a roller coaster of human emotions.”

On if there are any limits on what Mike will talk about in the Broadway show:

“I’m pretty naked there, bare.”

On if he’s the same guy that he was years ago:

“Well no that’s ironic because I remember when I was younger in my early teens, I wanted to die, I wanted to die, and I was like ‘eff you’ in everybody’s face. And now I’m a wimp and I’m trying to avoid arguments and stuff. I let my wife get away with the stupidest stuff.”

On what made him become a vegan:

“I just threw up the white flag. Too many prison cells, too many jails, too many lawsuits, too many bankruptcies, too many women, too many veneral diseases, too many of everything… I used to get tired of every time a prostitute girlfriend got back from a trip I had to sleep with her. I had to live a different life. I was a prostitute hunter.”

Meanwhile, Spike promoted the show on his Twitter the day before:

Watch the full interview below:



Patrice M.