K. Michelle Confirms Memphitz Was Abusive + Memphitz Calls Her A Liar

A few months ago, before the cast of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta was announced, we shared that there were rumors circulating that Toya Wright declined participating in the show, because her husband, Memphitz’s ex-girlfriend, was on the cast. The ex-girlfriend that we referred to was K.Michelle. We also shared that there were rumors that Memphitz had been physically abusive to her. On the first episode of the show, K.Michelle mentions this relationship, but not by name. But during an interview with V-103’s Egypt, she confirms that she was in fact talking about Memphitz. She explained:

“I wanna forgive him. I forgive him enough to wish him well…He’s acknowledged it…I think the problem with this situation is you know when somebody goes and says you’re crazy and it never happened, you can apologize to me through texts, but when you go to the world and look at the world and say you know what, I never did that, she’s crazy, that means you’re not sorry…I wish them two the best… People get better. People change for the better and become different people…It’s not about throwing shade. I wish them the best of luck, honestly, I do…”

Meanwhile, Memphitz took a few shots on K.Michelle’s allegations on instagram, tweeting the following photo:

With the following caption:

Who do you believe? Do you think she was right or wrong for mentioning that her ex-boyfriend, that just happens to be Toya’s current husband, was abusive? [Source]