‘Black Madam’ Charged With Murder for Butt Injection Shots

Within the past few years, there has been a dangerous trend growing within the African American community, butt injections. Earlier this year, we learned of a woman that had been administering injections to women in Philadelphia, named Padge Windslowe. She calls herself the “Black Madam” and last night she was charged with murder in the death of a 20-year-old London tourist, named Claudia Aderotimi. Police allege that Claudia died from a buttocks-enhancing silicone by Padge. The Associated Press confirms:

Windslowe was first arrested in February as police say she prepared to host a so-called “pumping party” at a Philadelphia house. Authorities say one of her customers had serious lung problems as a result of an injection.

Authorities said they knew Windslowe injected Aderotimi but had been awaiting test results from the Food and Drug Administration before making a determination in Aderotimi’s death.


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