RHOA’s Kim Zolciak Says She’s Not Racist, Defends Comments About Kandi & Kash

There has been more feedback from the cast members of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta“, courtesy of the Bravo blog. After the record-breaking season premier, which had 3,200,000 viewers, audiences and cast members had a lot to say. Kim Zolciak took to her blog to give her side of the story for the backlash she got for her reaction to Kandi’s new house and other underlying issues. Peep the excerpts from her blog:

On allegly stealing Kandi’s baby name:

“Kandi and I have never discussed baby names, and I definitely didn’t know she intended to use that name. It was almost a year ago that I was in a nail salon reading an article about Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren. I fell in love with his name and said to Kroy that’s what I would like to name our next baby if it happened to be a boy. I found out I was pregnant in December, was told the gender in March, and immediately decided his name was going to be Kash with a “K”. I would never steal a friend’s idea for a baby name, ever! Besides, my reasoning for naming my son Kash had absolutely nothing to do with money, that’s just outright tacky. You can even go back to March when we announced that we were pregnant in Life & Style magazine and stated, ‘I already have his named picked out and it starts with a K.’”

On her seemingly negative reation to Kandi’s home:

“When Sweetie and I took the hour drive over to Kandi’s new home, I wasn’t in the best mood. It was over 95 degrees outside, I was 7 months pregnant, and Kandi’s home had no A.C. running. Sweetie told me it wasn’t safe at all (however I still went to support Kandi), and in fact there are several movies and songs that describe and portray the harshness of that area…Kandi has always mentioned to me that she loves the way I’ve decorated my homes, so I had no problem giving her tips about decorating. My comment about her having an indoor swimming pool because she’s black was just a silly joke. Kandi, Sweetie, and I laughed. Quite frankly, I wish I had one myself.”

On her feelings towards Nene Leakes:

“As for NeNe, she still can’t keep my name out of her mouth! NeNe constantly insinuated “I come from a trailer park” AND I am the racist one? I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know my character, and the multiple friends of different races that I do have know it as well! Like I have said before and will say here again for the last time, COLOR means absolutely nothing to me, it is the person’s character and blatant ignorance that determines the non-friendship between me and the person. That is all for now.”

What do you think of Kim’s responses to the episode? Did she redeem herself or are you not buying it?


Patrice M.