Did Bobby Brown Disrespect Whitney Houston At Las Vegas Club?

Over the Soul Train Awards weekend in Las Vegas, New Edition put on a helluva performance. Saturday night, the group, Bobby Brown included, performed at the event’s LIVE concert. One of the big after parties went down at Las Vegas’ ‘Vanity’ night club. So what’s the story here? Well, Bobby Brown (and Miguel) were in attendance (along with a number of club-goers) and according to reports, at one point in the evening Bobby hopped on the mic and popped slick.

What happened? An insider gave an account saying that when he was on the mic, some of the folk in the crowd started yelling Whitney Houston’s name and that sorta-kinda annoyed Bobby. I checked in w/ a few attendees and all give a conflicting account on what he actually said about her (some say he said ‘He’s a married man and his wife is…’, while other say he said ‘I’m not here for her or that, I’m Bad A** Bobby Brown’…etc.). What we know for sure is that DJ Franzen (who was DJ’ing the party) was not here for whatever negativity Bobby, allegedly said. Reportedly, he pulled Bobby’s mic, mid club rant and recounted his version of what happened on twitter:

Do you believe that Bobby Brown would actually disrespect Whitney in a club setting? Or do you believe he was under some type of ‘influence’ of sorts? P.S. Rumor has it, DJ Franzen will give an account of what happened on his show. Stay tuned!