Love & Hip Hop’s ‘Jen the Pen’ Apologizes for Pulling White Card, Says Shes Not Racist

One comment from the only Caucasian woman on ‘Love & Hip Hop (NY)’, had twitter buzzing after this week’s episode. During the most recent episode (I won’t spoil it for you), a heated exchange ensued between Jen the Pen and cast mate, Raqi Thunda. Both were arguing when Jen utter the words:

‘I’m white, I’ll get it done.’

And Raqi called Jen a,


Immediately after the episode aired, Jen took to twitter to clarify her statements and defend what was said. She wrote her twitter:

Racist is the last thing I could EVER be. But being called an “entitled HONKY” on national is okay? Please be clear anything regarding race was heat on the moment, the devil will bring out the worst in you. This is what my family is made of, if my comments affected anyone I apologize

Meanwhile, Consequence (who happens to be African American and is Jen’s boyfriend/baby-daddy) also took his boo’s side, writing:

Jen is NOT a Racist. The hoe made her MAD n she defended herself in a racially insensitive manner. I wasn’t there n we are arguing about it.


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