[Video] Jermaine Dupri Hints Cheating Ended Relationship With Janet Jackson + Says Frank Ocean May Have Used ‘Coming Out’ to Market Himself

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This week, Jermaine Dupri visited Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ to promote his upcoming So So Def Reunion tour going down in Atlanta this month. In true Breakfast Club form, the crew got the 40-year-old producer to dish on his personal (like did he REALLY cheat on Janet with a stripper and was he intimate with RHOA’s Kandi Burruss) and professional (like does he understand why he’s pegged as a ‘one hit wonder’, what’s up with Kandi not performing at the reunion concert) life. Peep some of the excerpts below.

On being considered a music mogul, but not in the same league as Jay-Z and Diddy: 

I ain’t never been put in that conversation, because I’m from the south and they from major cities. Atlanta wasn’t considered major when I started.

On being pegged as the guy who only produces one hit wonders: 

Nah, I didn’t. The problem was that….I left Arista, I had to leave them artists at Arista. That’s why you don’t hear from them anymore.

On Bow Wow going in on Kandi, after it was announced that Kandi wouldn’t be joining Xscape for So So Def’s concert: 

Bow Wow is a So So Def rider, he’s like my son. It’s 15 artist performing…we’re not gonna let one artist [ruin it].

On rumors that he dated Kandi: 

I never dated her. I never said something about dating her.I mean she’s a reality star now, so you hafta watch out.

On why he got a Janet Jackson tattoo: 

Janet’s a part of my life…I’m tattoo’ed up, not to mention. Before I had a tattoo, my mother said ‘Why you got all these white people on you that you don’t know?’  That’s a crazy question if somebody ask you that. [I thought] I date somebody that’s famous. Let me make a tattoo.

On sex w/ Janet: 

Oh, man.

On rumors that him cheating with a stripper, ended his relationship with Janet Jackson: 

That’s what you heard. People just make up anything, right? We was together nine years, that’s a LONG time. To be dating somebody. I’m a young dude, Imma leave it at that. Ima a young dude in the entertainment industry.

On if Usher’s song, Confessions, was about JD (that he got another woman pregnant, while in a relationship): 

Yeah, that’s my life. 100%.

On his label setting the trend for signing young artists: 

I’m a producer, so it’s  hand-off that’s supposed to happen (between me and radio). I had #1, #2 and #3 on the Billboard top at the same time. You can’t top ‘Confessions’. So So Def has always been the youngest label. Bow Wow was 12. Now everybody wanna be young. Everybody wanna do that now. I feel like I ain’t gotta say it no more.

On working with Mariah and Usher on their upcoming albums: 

I did a bunch of songs for Mariah’s album. Me working with Usher, because you guys are going to sit there and challenged what I’ve already done. Justin Timberlake ain’t sold 10 million. He’s putting out new music and it don’t feel like no pressure for him.

On if he sometimes thinks that Frank Ocean’s ‘coming out’ was a marketing ploy:  

100% I mean sometimes, I don’t even believe that. A person that comes out and lets his sexuality be known is considered a person that has balls….

Check out the full interview below.

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