Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Shield Sebastian From Public View

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Pulling a play from the parents of Blue Ivy Carter, there’s no telling when the public will get a full view of their new baby boy, Sebastian “The Bash” Taylor Thomaz. Born last Thursday, the couple has not shown the face of their new bambino, although they’ve tweeted glimpses and tweeted how much fun they’re having as parents.

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Wiz wrote:

Thanx for all the love guys. Bash took his first poop, had a good meal now he’s peacin…Bash is so awesome. He makes the coolest faces and hardly cries…My son wakes right up and gives me kisses on the nose :-) Im not gonna lie, i havent been on twitter, instagram, in the studio or nothin. Juss bein Sebastian’s dad is good enough for now..

While Amber is sharing similar sentiments:

Man breastfeeding is awesome…. It kinda hurts tho but the bonding with my baby is unbelievable. So worth it :-)

Cute! No word on whether or not the new parents have plans to sell pix of ‘The Bash’, or if they’ll go Jay and Bey’s route, giving the public glimpses of their child.