[Video] Christians Want ‘Preachers Daughters’ Reality Show Off Air+ Watch 1st Episode


Lifetime’s newest reality show ‘Preachers Daughters’ highlights the lives of three preachers daughters as they try to balance their parents strict rules, faith and teenage temptation. And after only one episode, the show is receiving backlash. Kolby Kolff, 16, is the daughter of a former wrestler turned evangelist, Taylor Coleman, 18, is the daughter of a Penacostal Church pastor and Olivia Perry, 18 is a teen mom and daughter of a pastor. Strong storylines around dating, sex (stripping and porn) and drugs have caused some to lash out on Twitter:

This Preachers Daughters Show should be called How To Raise A Stripper”

That new show ‘Preachers’ Daughters’ is stereotypical and is making all Preacher’s daughters look horrible”

#preachersdaughters and #16andpregnant are prime examples of whats wrong with America”

So what does the cast have to say?

Taylor (one of the teenage cast members) expressed in the premiere episode that she wanted to be a porn star stated:

Everyone is always going to have their opinion whether you do something extremely great or extremely bad. What we’re trying to do is at least start the conversation about preachers’ families. We’re trying to start the conversation, we’re not perfect. Christians know that no one is perfect and that is why we go to church to be Christ-like and get to that place.”

Pastor Mark Perry who learned ON the show that his daughter Olivia doesn’t know who the father of her child said:

I think that if somebody took an honest look at what we’ve done on the show, they couldn’t help but conclude that we’re a family really trying to give God glory, We love him, love one another and there’s really nothing to criticize. But there will always be critics. That’s just part of life.”

Interesting. Take a look at the premiere episode and judge for yourself. Peep the full episode below.



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