Mathew Knowles Sets the Record Straight on Beyonce Firing Him: ‘It was a MUTUAL decision.’

mathew knowles-says beyonce did not fire him-the jasmine brand

Last month, for the first time, Beyonce Knowles opened up, on camera, speaking on what many of us knew, her business relationship with her father, Mathew, was officially a wrap. In the press and public, there was lots of speculation about what had really happened between the two–was it the fact that Mathew and Tina had divorced (in 2009), or was it the fact that the 61-year-old fathered a child with another woman? Welp, according to what both parties say, it was neither. In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce explained:

“It took a while for me and my dad to have an understanding. When I turned 18 and started handling my business more, he went into shock … I’d say no to something, and he’d book it anyway … We would fight sometimes, and it took about two years… for him to realize, ‘Oh, she is an adult now, and if she doesn’t wanna do something, I can’t make her do it.'”

mathew knowles-says beyonce did not fire him as manager-the jasmine brand

And while Beyonce’s father has yet to publicly comment on what happened, he opened up in a new interview with UK’s The Sun.

 “Normally I hate to talk about anything personal, but it would be a lie if I did not say it has been difficult,” he tells the paper. “It was hard for me to let her go. It was hard for both of us to let each other go, and let’s be clear on that. She didn’t let me go; we both let each other go. This was not a normal ending of a business agreement. This was a dad and a daughter, and it was incredibly painful and it had some difficulties. But I try to always have a positive mind about things and you got to do it the right way.”