Erica Mena Says She Doesn’t Need Management + Says Rich Dollaz Is Unhealthy

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If there’s one thing that Love & Hip Hop’s Erica Mena is, it’s passionate. We’ve seen her do a number of things on and off camera, love, fight, hate, curse folk out and shockingly open up about her non-conventional sexuality. And this season proved it all, while we watched her and Rich Dollaz attempt to mix business with pleasure, while beefing with a few cast members. This week, she chopped it up with VH1, post reunion, dishing on if she’s linked back up with Rich, how she’s been portrayed this season and what she’s cooking up musically.

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Check out some excerpts below.

On the status of her music:

 “Where Do I Go” dropped on iTunes a few weeks back and it’s been doing pretty well. People are pretty surprised by it and they’re liking it. I got a lot of haters trying to dim it down with the whole autotune thing, but I’m also getting ready to release my single which is a club song so I’m really excited about that. This second song is bigger because I kind of did everything on my own and I think when people hear the second song they’re going to be even more surprised than the first time around.

On what direction she plans to take her music:

 I’ve always been an uptempo artist, I love house music and hip-hop. It just so happened “Where Do I Go” came to me and it felt right and as an artist you kind of have to go with what feels right even if it’s opposite of what you are intending to do. Overall the goal I think is to be the ultimate performer because that’s really what I want to be. I want to sing, act, I want to be able to do it all.

On her current management situation: 

I don’t really think I need it, I think I was really smart to stick with my gut. For whatever reason I just didn’t feel right signing. I never felt comfortable to sign with Rich from jump street, never felt completely comfortable to give him the control of my career that he was asking of me. So management right now isn’t really something I’m doing a worldwide search for. If it comes my way absolutely, but I think I’m doing pretty well in the sense of making my own ruckus and noise and I don’t mind being the manager and the talent at the same time. It’s a different dynamic and people aren’t use to having to be that way so maybe we can start a new trend.

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On if she and Rich Dollaz have gotten back together:

 No, we’re not. I’m actually really happy that we’re not together; I think it’s a good decision. He wasn’t the right one for me so it ended up working out perfect. No contract and once I was done with him I could move on and don’t have to worry about initial ties or attachments.

On if she plans to reunite with Rich Dollaz in the future:

 I don’t really think it’s healthy for us to work together. I don’t really trust him anymore and I think you could only really hurt and betray somebody so much. I don’t want to be the girl that’s always looked at as having to fight, or that is always hurt or lashing out. Clearly my relationship with Rich has been a huge rollercoaster from jump street and even though my heart was in it, I kind of had to walk away and learn a real important lesson and I think its time for me to be single for a while and enjoy life.

On how she feels about her portrayal on the show:

You guys don’t get to see every minute of the six months that we film and I do react off emotion a lot and I think that’s what comes across on camera. People think it’s crazy but I can’t help it in that moment I’m being extremely passionate and not taking no sh– and whatever it is that’s super aggressive. I get that its intimidating for people but you don’t always get to see what happened and what made me say that or what happened before that scene before the cameras came on. I know I’m definitely considered being a wild card and this and that. I think even during the craziness the intentions come from a good place.

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta