As Expected, Kanye West’s Album ‘Yeezus’ Leaks

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The world of twitter is beaming, y’all. On Friday, Kanye West’s sixth studio album, Yeezus, hit the world wide web. If you’ve followed his promotion this go ’round, then you’re fully aware that he’s utilized some creative marketing tactics. For the past few weeks, the Chi-Town native has projected visuals, along with some of the album’s singles, outside buildings across the country. Anywho, we’re kinda surprised that the album leaked. According to BuzzFeed, he went to EXTREME measure to prevent this from happening. For example, Ye’s camp stopped sending versions of tracks to each other by email or any other online service. He also stopped working in regular recording studios, but set up small studios in hotel rooms and other locations where he could keep out anyone besides trusted inner circle collaborators. Kanye keeps works-in-progress tracks on password-protected external hard drives that are locked away in Pelican briefcases, never on laptop hard drives. Fancy, right? Nonetheless, if you’re into enjoying music the legal way, you can cop the album next Tuesday. 

And here’s the tracklist:

1. “On Sight”
2. “Black Skinhead”
3. “I Am a God” feat. God
4. “New Slaves” feat. Frank Ocean
5. “Hold My Liquor” feat. Chief Keef and Justin Vernon
6. “I’m In It”
7. “Blood on the Leaves”
8. “Guilt Trip” feat. Kid Cudi
9. “Send It Up” feat. King L
10. “Bound 2? feat. Charlie Wilson

Let me know what you think of the album! @breaniaaa 

kanye west-yeezus-leaks-tracklist-the jasmine brand