UPDATED: Kanye West Calls ‘Black Skinhead’ Leak ‘Heartbreaking + Watch the Unofficial Version



The visuals for Kanye West’s first official single from ‘Yeezus’ has arrived.  The‘Black Skinhead’ video doesn’t actually features West but instead highlights a CGI image of the rapper in black and white with howling wolves and spiked hooks KKK style. The new father also confirmed this week, that he has partnered with French fashion brand A.P.C., on a collection. The limited edition men’s capsule collection of hoodies, jeans, and t-shirts will be available July 14. Check out the new video below.




UPDATED: Apparently, this video was leaked and is not the final version. Tuesday afternoon, Kanye tweeted his disappointment:

The BLKKK SKKKN HD video that leaked yesterday was not the official version. Me and Nick Knight have been working on this video for 5 months and for creatives it’s heartbreaking when something like this happens. The final version will be ready within the next week. So any website that may have the unapproved / unfinished ruff. I ask you to please take it down.Allow me and Nick to give the world what we’ve been losing sleep over. And to who ever leaked the video… F*K YOU!

Ouch. [RapDose]

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Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta