Torrei Hart Comments On Kevin Hart’s Girlfriend, Explains Why She Suggested Kevin Hart File For Divorce

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If you’ve seen Kevin Hart’s latest comedic film, ‘Let Me Explain’, then you’re well aware that he’s been transparent about his marital issues. In fact, he speaks quite candidly about how and why his divorce ended. His ex-wife, actress/comedian Torrei, has also been open about their marriage ending. In a recent interview with Bossip, the Philly native talked about her relationship with Kevin’s girlfriend of two years, Eniko Parrish, what she really thought of his newest movie and why she suggested he file for divorce. Peep a few excerpts.

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The status of her relationship with Kevin’s girlfriend:

You know, we’re not enemies, but we’re not friends. We’re cordial when we see one another. In my opinion it’s all about respect. Respect me, and I’ll respect you. We don’t have to be friends. We’ll never be friends. But if you respect me, I’ll respect you. I think, you know, mutual respect.

Her thoughts on ‘Let Me Explain’:

I thought it was funny. I thought it was good. I thought he talked about me a lot. So, overall it was a very, very, very good movie.

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Divorcing Kevin:

I told him if divorce is something that he really wants, because I’m not going to sit around and wait for you to sell your oats, and think that you can run around town and then come back to me. I’m not that type of woman either. So I said ‘If you really want a divorce, I think you should file the divorce. File the papers.’ And he did that about a year and a half later, he finally filed the papers. And I guess I kind of pushed him to file the papers, because it’s either you’re going to file, or you’re gonna you know, come back home. But I’m not going to just sit around and wait for you to do everything that you want to do because you’re famous now and then think it’s okay. Maybe it would’ve been different had we not been in the spotlight, but you know when the spotlight is on you, you just can’t display certain types of behavior.

What’s more? Recently, we chatted with the “Pretty Funny Fish” co-creator about her Hollywood plans and it seems we may be seeing her on non scripted TV. She confirmed she is working with the producers of VH1’s ‘Hollywood Exes’ on a new reality show and is working with Russell Simmons’ newest online venture, ‘All Def Digital.’

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